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        Hi Guys,

        I can’t remember the nick name of a forum member, it has been probably been nearly 2 years I haven’t seen him posting on TSF.

        He was someone working in the aeronautical Engineering industry and if I remember, his job was into modelling on finite elements analysis program.

        May be if someone remember his nickname or has an email I can contact him. It’s just in my head and I can’t remember his nick, I’m sure if someone mention his nick this will ring the bells.

        I just need some help and hope he can point me out in the right direction.

        Thanks in Advance.


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          I’ve a simple life!

          Who’s Paris Hilton?

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            A hotel in France won’t help me to suss this out! 😉 Paris herself can be an inspiration! LOL



            I remember we had a brief discussion on this board if I could model a fishing rod on a finite element analysis program. Unfortunately I have done Isotropic material modelling on thin plates but I’ve also some knowledge of dynamics in Structures. Carbon structures behaves differently.

            I’ve dished out a quite powerful program which I used at Uni and I want to have a go at modelling a rod and have an understanding how a ‘fulcrum’ point in the rod can help in the fighting capabilities of the rod.

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              Going to a gym and putting on a few pounds in muscle would help, sod the quantum mechanics, anyhoo, regardles of the co-efficient of rodwibbly the fulcrum depends on where you hold the thing regardless of materials used.

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                No,it ain’t that simple!

                The fulcrum you are talking is the casting fulcrum/balance! The fulcrum I’m talking about is a ‘weakeness’ in the blank! It can provide the exact rod action you want under a specific load!

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                  So you got a good prescription from your GP?

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                    N0!! one of the problems of measuring rod strength is precisely that every manufacture quotes ‘deadlift this’ or ‘Test Curve that, casting rating xyz ozs’ when in fact its more about physique and technique, than stated figures from the manufacturer.
                    You pays your money and takes your choice, but there is nothing better than try before you buy, cos the figures mean bugger all if you can’t bend it.

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                      It is not about casting! It’s about fishing. Nothing to do with TC, dead lifts or rating! Even you have a physique of the strongest man in the world this is not a governing factor for this parameter!

                      This is about fighting capabilities of the blank offering the angler the right action under a specific fight!

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                        Could be ‘SharkyMark’. Sounds like his description, he is into FEA…..I have his email address if that rings any bells….

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                          Thank you very much. It is sharkEmark. Is it possible to have his email or tell him I’m looking for him.


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                            It is a pier rod at 10ft and the fix spool is still here! I paid 39.99 for the combo in Argos. I haven’t used the rod since a long time.

                            Even the Zzippie sits in a rod bag, the last time it got out was in Dengemarsh. My 2 ron thompson axellerators as well lies in their rod bag. The Daiwa Carbon whisker that Thongy gave me is still with me and I’m keeping it as I always remember the hours I spent in Kennington Park and Goodmayes Park to practice casting.

                            Only my Leeda got out on the beach ocassionally to practice my casting, this is when I say to myself; can I still do it?


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                                Pendulum cast with a 100- 150g. If I still remember how to tune my Abu reel?

                                Most of my fishing since I came back was casting lures from 2.5g-25g single handed on a 5-6ft rod with a fix spool reel.

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                                  Oooo that must be good practice!

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                                    Jackyboy, email sent with Mark’s details…..

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                                      Thanks very much, I just read the email which went into my junk box. May be you can help since you work in the same field as SharkEmark. I’ll email you the details.



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                                        I’ve sent you an email hippoglossus, may be you can help.

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