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      Anyone know how much they are going to sell for and not RRP.

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      Same as above. Spoke to Fosters and they’re doing them for £2999.99. They’ve got one in their pole alley already as well,

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      TF_One Out of the Frame

      One of my former workmates bought a mid range MAP pole a couple of years ago and I was watching him fish when he had to take a phone call.

      I promptly jumped on his box and had a quick go: It was stunning and when I found out it wasn’t a top end pole I was even more impressed.

      I’m about to get back into fishing again after an extensive break and will be looking at this pole as a possible purchase. 😉

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      got my 901 today , cant wait till sunday so i can actually fish with it – with a power top kit with 12 – 20 maver elastic it feels bloody amazing .

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      Shallow man let me know the home truths about the pole at long lengths don’t want to sell my Airity and regret it.

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      Pinched from Matt Pillay on Facebook. Looks good against an airity!

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      TF_One Out of the Frame

      That link wouldn’t open for me Terrence :confused:

      Very much interested in how it fishes though so looking forward to your test drive Shallowman: Good luck for Sunday.

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      Think it only works if your logged into Facebook? Works fine when I click on it but then again it’s my link ha ha!!!!,

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      @shallowman wrote:

      got my 901 today , cant wait till sunday so i can actually fish with it – with a power top kit with 12 – 20 maver elastic it feels bloody amazing .

      I bought the margin pole was only 180 but ended up with 2 (long story) and that is brilliant can not imagine what your new 901 must be like 🙂

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      i used the 901 today for the first time in a small match . I drew in the middle of the straight with every peg in on my side of lake so not a good start.

      i started at 13m and could not believe how light the pole was and how strong the sections felt , first fish was a nice 5lb common which was foul hooked and went barmy – pole didnt even shudder . then went to 16m and pole was still so stiff it was unreal , i was hitting roach bites shallow on caster and hardly missed a bite . Later on i used the top kit plus 2 sections as a margin pole and never felt the need to get margin pole out and i had a couple of double figure fish .

      To sum up , the 901 is absolutley amazing , it is the stiffest , lightest and strongest top end pole i have ever fished with and iv had a few top end poles in my time . And for the diawa lovers out there , forget the arity and air , this pole blows them away .

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      alex bones review in this months match fishing is the best review ive ever read to say he likes it is a massive understatement

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