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      I cannot see both without making a long trip,the x I can see. What are your opinions gents ?. Which is best or is it personal choice.

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      I have a pro x and think its very good. I wouldn’t say it is the stiffest, strongest or lightest pole available but when you look at all these attributes it does excel at each and every one of them and is defiantly a strong contender. The reason I bought one is that if you walk any match in the country I would guess that a fair percentage have a top end daiwa, therefore due to the numbers of users spares are always readily available either new or second hand.
      I cant comment on the MAP but reading other peoples reviews it is obviously an awesome pole and from past experience MAP after sales is excellent, overall the MAP is possibly a step up in terms of performance from the pro x however second hand residual values will not be as high as the daiwa.

      All this said I would NEVER buy such an expensive item on someone elses recommendation, so in answer to your question I would bite the bullet and take a day to go and look and decide for yourself.

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      one of my friends has the map 801 pole which I will more than likely have off of him ( he has two top of the range poles so may let the 801 go) he let me have a play with it at puddleduck snake lake, the pole is awesome, super stiff and at 141/2 meters it is the stiffest pole I have ever handled and so well balanced I also had a play with another of my mates poles the Daiwa airity, weight wise there wasn’t a lot in it the 801 is supposed to be a little heavier But it is so well balanced that when holding 14 1/2 in a slight side wind it felt fantastic in fact it felt easier to handle and goes through the hands superbly, leaves my present pole a daiwa spectron to shame, I must admit. however you do need to look at both poles before you buy the 801 lol

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      before I bought my latest pole I had a good look around at what was available , trying most on the bank – thanks to various anglers for letting me try their poles. I decided the 801 was the best pole for me , in my opinion it is lightish , very stiff , very strong , fantastic finish to all sections – i used stiffer , lighter, maybe slightly stronger poles , but the Map 801 seemed the perfect compromise so was my choice.

      the fact you can choose your own choice of top kits was also a bonus.

      having said that , i agree with others re trying poles for yourself , just because the 801 suits me doesnt mean it will be right for you.

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