Match weights to 184lb at Anglel of the North Lakes

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    Catches are great with the water temp so high, both with carp and silvers are all feeding well, just need to keep feeding to keep fishing your peg. Some very good sized fish also being caught in good numbers.
    Paste made out of angel 3 mm pellets, banded angel pellets, are great for carp, and maggots, chopped worm, and caster are great for silvers add hemp to mix and spot on catches.

    Sunday 24th July 2016 open Lookout Ton Up John Foster again was last in draw bag !!!!
    Conditions:- overcast and muggy, ambient temp 22 deg, wind S 5 mph, barometer 1013 mb, water temp 20. deg, DO 8.1, PH 7.45, mv –40
    1st John Foster 184lb 13oz peg 16 aa
    2nd Glenn Applbey 80lb 10oz peg 11
    3rd Dave Hodgson 76lb 5oz peg 5

    Sat 23rd July 2016 open Bowes (once a fortnight)
    Conditions:- Partly cloudy, ambient temp 22 deg, wind WSW 4mph, barometer 1019mb, water temp 19.1 deg, PH 7.45, DO 8.1 mv –85
    1st Jonny Maven 99lb 03oz peg 26 went over a net so was over the ton
    2nd Norman Laing 89lb 7oz peg 40
    3rd Alan Mc Guire 87lb 12oz peg 34

    Friday eve 22nd July 2016 open Lookout Ton up in 3 hours!
    Conditions:- Partly cloudy, rained , ambient temp 24 deg, wind SW7 mph, barometer 1019 mb, water temp 18.8 deg, PH 7.70, DO 8.4, MV –89
    1st John Foster 118.02 peg 1
    2nd Jonny Maven 93lb 14oz peg 24
    3rd Dave Pearson 43lb 3oz peg 15

    Wed 20th July 2016 open Bowes
    After the 31 deg temperature on Tuesday the water temperature shot up 5 deg from 15.7 deg to 20.7 deg this morning, then we had thunder and lightening and a fast downpour, and then blue sky and sun, what a weird day.
    1st John Foster 83lb 12oz peg 24 lost 4lb 13oz over in one net
    2nd Alan Mc Guire 71lb 13oz peg 40
    3rd Alan Simmons 45lb 7 oz peg 1

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