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    TF_boss bait

    looking for a match in north west or yorkshire mcr side on thurs daytime any body know of any thanks boss bait

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    Jct 10 M56

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    Col W

    Rosemary Wood, Haskayne. 3.30 draw. Fish 4.15 to 9.00.

    07974 199158.

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    TF_boss bait

    dont fancy brookside and canonly go day time so rosemary wood no good thanks for your reply

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    blundells thursday evening 5.00pm draw

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    TF_boss bait

    can only go day time

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    Partridge lakes may have one on

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    Highfield fishery near Fleetwood possibly Whitmore near Kirkham or Greenhalgh also near Kirkham.

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    TF_boss bait

    thanks are they day or night matches oggy

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    Highfield is deffo a day match and the other 2 were day matches but I have not heard anything of them for a while thats why I only said possibly. Highfield would be the best attended as all the gang from and sponsored by Ted Carters go on Thursdays.

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    TF_boss bait

    thanks again

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