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    Been struggling a bit to find decent matches in the midlands area. Apart from the ususal commercials, anyone know of anything worth travelling too?

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    60 peger at Barston saturday, and a 80 peger at Coombe on Sunday. They are both sold out though, so as you say, there maybe room for some more ‘good’ matches.

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    Yeah, there should be nigel. The open scene seems to have dropped off a bit and it gets a bit “routine” to fish 20-30 peggers every week. Think the time has come to try and get back into a team

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    Suffolk water park has a memorial match.
    Good water to try with superb access.

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    Well said spotter old boy – I think to date wqe have 38 booked in. Weather forecast isn’t too bad for Sunday either in this part of the world. See post ‘Memorial Match’ for details and for how to get there etc.

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    Thanks for the info sounds a cracking match, only trouble is Suffolk is a little bit too far for me to travel

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