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    I have used these for years for the odd times I need to tie up new hooks on the bank. However I am finding the quality, even on newly bought ones is poor.
    Vices not seating square so poor hook hold being the most frustrating. Is there anything better around?

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    The actual matchman ones I’ve seen have been ok, but have seen some rubbish imitations.
    Stonfo do one but not cheap, and some people like the drennan tyer

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    Thanks I will check these out.

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    Stonfo ones are good John and you`ll notice the wire you put the line round has no flat edges , unlike the matchman one. Thet also come in two sizes.

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    Agreed WCA, I tried one out last night and noted it has some interesting features others don’t. I like the spinning collar which makes the whipping easier to keep neat. The vice is solid and the thumb screw very easy to work. Finally the taper on the nose and where the steel clip slides means I always had 100% release of the line to set the knot.
    Overall the finish was good too.
    I bought it on line as my local normally well stocked shop had none left so I think everyone else knows how good they are.

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    the stonfo 1s are a def inprovement on the matchman 1s used stonfo 1 for years with no problems great bit of kit.

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