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    I am putting my pole package up as follows,
    2 full 13mtr elite carp poles, (euro e river versions)
    One is used and vgc the other is spare and mint, nose cones on no4/5&6 on both.
    One top four cupping kit, this is the longer top four.
    Five top fives, again these have the longer euro top fours with the no1 removed but measure about 65cm longer than UK spec top fours, ideal for Irish waters.
    Seven top fours as above the longer versions.

    All tops and fives have clean caps and elastic centralisers in all top kits.

    Two mini butt protectors for the 11.5 & 13mtr sections

    These are great poles for the money, super robust, tons of soared available and also power kits can be sourced of required.

    Initially looking to sell as a complete package.,,
    Poles £280 each
    Top 5 £100
    Top 4 £80

    Add it all up and there’s over £1600 worth there

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    Price revised to £1000 for all above.
    Can also supply power kits with Preston roller pullers fitted and new hollo laccy for £45 each.

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