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    Hi everyone, Ive just bought one of this years Maver powerlite feeder system off e bay i gave £120 what do you think?. Only problem i have is none of the tips are marked or numbered i got two butt sections ,two middles,i think two carriers but about five tips.Which tip do you use in which carrier is my question.Cheers~think ~think

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    I have the older version of this system. The longest tip is the lightest. You should be able to see this if you compare all 5 side by side.

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    you should have 6 tips the longest down to the shortest will be as follows

    no1 1/4 oz
    no2 1/2 oz
    no3 3/4 oz
    no4 1 oz
    no5 2oz
    no6 3oz

    i use no1 and no2 for skimmers
    and no3 and no4 for f1s and small carp
    no5 and no6 for larger carp or bigger chucks

    awsome rods would not be without mine

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    i’ve 2 of the old systems and they are awesome.
    not found a situation they cant cope with yet

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    Try a fast flowing river. ~think

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    well next time i’m on a fast flowing river i’ll give em a go, but i’m typical lazy matchman who likes his commercial comforts, lol~sick

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    I’ve used mine at 13ft with the heaviest tip using 4oz and a big bow on a rapidly rising thames and handled it fine~clap

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    I’ve just bought one of the older version and love it.

    I looked at it with the heavy tip in and it looks a great low river rod and I’m looking forward to using it for some summer barbel fishing.

    I wouldn’t use it for chucking 5oz of lead around but I’ve got specialist rods that are right for that.

    Going back to the original question..

    Matt is right about the tip ratings. I just had a play around without knowing what was what and found I had….

    A light picker style rod with the long soft tip and short handle. Fitted with the heavy tips this would become a nice little stalking rod on small rivers.

    A soft bream rod with power for long chucks with the 2 long tips and medium and long handles

    A method feeder rod for short chucks with the middle tips and short butt. Also good for straight lead carp work at this length.

    A method feeder rod for medium chucks with the 12ft butt section and the middle length tips.

    A longrange method rod as well as a good all round river feeder rod with longer butt and heavier tips.

    I’m fairly sure the older version is the same set up and I think I’m right in saying that the carrier sections are the same and are just there so you can have 2 separate rods set up.

    It is a nice rod.

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