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    Is there much difference between these two? £300 different but 2 extra tops with 800. Spares very well priced but do these increase once pole becomes obsolete e.g quite soon with maver. What is the true length of maver poles? Powerlite kits are 2.5m and sections aren’t extra long like the browning poles so I’m guessing they must come up short like daiwas do?

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    The best advice i can give is compare both models side by side in a tackleshop if possible.
    that way you can see for yourself.and also compare them at full length with other models.
    not all poles are short if they do not have long section construction,but very few are also a true 16mts in length when assembled.
    a lot of maver poles,and some others are measured at true length with an extension added.

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    3 hour round trip to find a tackle shop that stocks them, and that’s not even a pole alley so hard to get them side by side. I get a discount from fosters through work and am thinking about buying witnout seeing them OR buying off eBay as a few are coming up.

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    ide go for the 800 my self ive hurd good things about them i was fishing next to a guy with a match this 6 if memery surves me rite an it was very stiff i gota say, not shore how strong tho but he did have 16 solid in the power kit, best to try them side buy side ide say tho if poss

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