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        Has anyone fished while on holiday in Menorca?
        If so can ya give me any tips? and I dont mean take a rod!
        Thanks, ps Thongy and HA I got your emails but dont have a clue what they are about?

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          Once upon a time, we used to get answers when we posted, ya unhelpful lot.

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            Thank’s n4lly, going on 18th so will let ya know. n4lly = human being

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              Hello Lugsy old mate, hope you are well.

              Can’t say about Menorca but did a bit of fishing in Cyprus and size 8 hooks seemed to be about the right size, use a smallish float around 8 grams and around 10 to 15lb line.

              Locals were using a 2 hook set up, similar I think to what the fly fishing boys do, but one dropper was about 4â€

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                Sorry but can only answer when the site is running!! been down more hors in last two weeks than been running.
                Saying that though, not much to add, as above, but you could try different to locals, but generally it will be small fish, so small hooks, light line.
                Or try a bit of distance with srimp or what bait you can get.
                Distance float fishing over rocks or with lure’s could bag a bigger fish.
                Never seen them fish Lures, spinners or feathers, do they know something or not???

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                  Cheers, prob wont catch bugger all anyway!
                  Will try to meet up soon at one of your bashes

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