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    hi guys what sort of grounbait would you use to catch F1s at this time of year, im trying to get something sorted out. all your thoughts will help me.

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    I wouldnt bother with groundbait to be fair. I do alot more work on the Bomb this time of the year. Perhaps go the same route with tiny PVA bags of pellets on the hook with just a bomb? I have alot of success with dead reds using this method and i always work it into my tuition days with great results.

    If you insist on using groundbait i would go for a very light and fluffy mixture like 50/50 Bream 3000 and Brown crumb.


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    I find nothing more complicated than one of the mouldable method feeders with 2mm micropellets is all that is needed, I use the Drennan version, with either a 100 boilie or a Small halibut pellet as hook bait.

    I always get good results using this at this time of the year.


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