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      Yes I saw these as well, looks like people are bulk buying them to try sell them on ebay at a profit.

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      TF_Billy no Fish

      They’ll go for stupid money. 11 assorted floats went the other week for £60. I even emailed the bidder to tell him Wilkie has a site and they will cost him half as much. Never replied.

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      The real people who want them can’t get them. ~think
      Has anyone thought about setting a limit on the amount you can buy of an idervidual patern?
      ~shh ~think

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      Is the seller not a member on here, I’ve seen the same user name on here

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      I got all mine in 4 visits to the MW site,and they wont be going on e bay.

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      We know about this, and don’t worry, the guy will not be getting any more & that is guarenteed.

      The best thing to do, is for people to simply not to bid on them, this way people will realise that the floats are not picking up sill money.

      Floats are added to Mick’s site in a rotational type of order, so patterns will appear regularly.

      We have even spoke about flooding Ebay with so many floats that people will not bid on them, but that is last resorts (and Mick will have many more floats available than any other seller). Obviously we don’t want to go down this route, but will do if forced to but selfish people buying floats purely to make a profit on them. If need be, I will flood Ebay with the hundreds I have sitting here that I don’t use (no I am not selling them any other way) & donate the money to a charity?

      Maybe we should sell them to a handful of shops only for them to sell on instead of selling them through the site direct?

      Or maybe we should open an Ebay store and stop selling through the site, with Buy Now prices?

      More eyes on Ebay than most people care about regarding this.

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      the twat’s got some of the size’s i want aswell~naughty

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      juzzy i was thinking the same thing…mick, wheely anybody can we put a stop to this ? i know its not illegal and theres not much you can do….but this is pxssing me off !!

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      now up to £70.00

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      I bought a load a couple of weeks ago, they wont be going on ebay. I just rang Mick direct, sent my order and cheque, two weeks later they arrived. Cheers Mick

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      The trouble is anyone who is determined to sell the floats on aint gonna be stopped,if you ban him/her from buying them they could just get someone else to buy on their behalf,as DW says the only way is not to pay over the odds,but we all know there are buyers out there that will.

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      I have asked this question before, but as yet nobody has given an explanation, so once again, can somebody tell me what is the difference between selling the Milk Wilkinson brand or the Drennan brand of floats on Ebay?

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      Is there an MW site,if so could someone post it ,thanks.

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      Cheers,just had a look excellent.

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      Fair play to the bloke for making some cash out of a fool so desperate to own some floats, there is nothing wrong with that its called supply and demand.
      Does anyone complain when ceap tackle is advertised.

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      £87 end price.

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