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        My self, Iowa, Ali W and another mate Darren arranged to meet up at the pub for a swift half before attempting to climb Chesil’s version of mount Everest Saturday morning but the pub was closed tho we did bring back up’s ie 24 can’s of Fosters and 24 bottle’s of Stella.

        A good hour later after lugging the gear and beer up and over ‘everest’ we took a well desrved beer break at which point Ali said he’s not fishing yet as the sun was beating down, a light S/W wind was blowing and it was the perfect time to chill. Everyone agreed and Noel was more than happy to take a break from the walk up and over ‘everest’

        We started fishing at about 14:00 ish and fishing was slow with only mackies on the feather’s.

        At low water Darren noticed a little rattle and a slack line which resulted in an undulate about 1 1/2lb taken on squid/mack

        I had a red gurnard on the feather’s about 1 1/2, then Ali had another and his first ever undulate off chesil again about 1 1/2lb.

        After this we thought we were in for a cracking night.
        Dusk came and so did the bite’s but at high it went dead.
        I think between us we managed another gurnard, pout, doggies and 7 or 8 hounds upto about 2lb oh and i managed 1 gar in the morning.

        For the variety of fish it was an excellent session, for the weather it was perfect, as for the company…..well it was ok.

        Memo to others, next time go light-er and Ali bring ya own bucket and bin liner’s

        Will post’s a few pic’s later


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        Ali W

          Hi All.
          Arron a good report.
          Had a good session weather good, fishing well that’s chesil for you good in spells. Company as Arron says Ok.
          To be honest a good bunch to go and have a session with look forward to meeting up again. Yes Arron I will Bring my own bucket and Bags next time.
          Thanks for inviting me along.

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            I have to say despite dragging my fat bod up and down a near verticle shingle bank several times, I had a great weekend fishing, company excellent weather perfect (someone wanted it a bit overcast) everytime I retrieved I at least caught a mackie or two (apart from when baiting with Blueys which even the spiders wouldn’t touch). Not so great at night but slept a lot anyhoo.
            I had my own bucket and bin liners but next time will have to take a taller one.
            So the next time I go I will be six stone lighter (doctors orders today and given tablets) and carry less gear. Honoured to see Ali catch his first ray off Chesil (I also saw his first Cod) Thanks a lot to Shonzie for being organiser, baitmaster and doing a passable impression of Steve Redgrave.

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            Ali W

              Forgot about the Steve Redgreve bit Sterling job the young Arron did, three trips each way did not look like he got out of breath.

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