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    Great read in match fishing magazine who says there is no north V south divide? obviously the late great Ivan Marks sympathised with Kim and how he was treated by Clegg and co according to Match fishing magazine great read, those in the England set up should be ashamed of the part they played in deliberately isolating and then in losing what was one of the South’s best anglers to the sport, these bar stewards need to realise there is no “I” in team. Great read and well done to match fishing for having the balls to print the story as I well remember at the time there was a lot of speculation as to why Kim had left the team knowing that he was to also lose his sponsorship as well could not have been an easy decision, he must have felt quite rightly that he had been singled out and discriminated against. what’s your view?

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    I also felt a sadness about this Fred . No one could dispute his abilities . Over the years bits of info come out about keeping stuff to himself when it should have been a team effort . He was never a character who would crack a joke or you might ring to go for a pint . Shortly before I got into the Shakespeare Superteam alongside him I got a phone call . Hello Paul it’s Kim . Well it was a first and I felt highly honoured ! Especially when he explained he was mightily impressed with my floatfishing skills on the Warwickshire Avon , and Severn . Could he pick my brains ? He enquired . An hour later I gave away what I had on the subject that took me at least TEN years to gather . Not many months later we met on an open match on the Gloucester Canal . He was a master of this venue and thinking ! He owes me asks ? Kim I’ve drawn in the 260s toward Pilot Bend am I on a few Chub etcetera . OOOOh Paul ime fishing the same match I don’t think so .!!!!! I think it’s fair to say I saw the Red Mist but kept my hands off his throat . You ever ask me anything again and you’re going F ……..king swimming says I and he scurried off in a hurry . Any feelings of sorrow of his England Team woes quickly diminish when I remember this . 😉

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    Hi Fred m8 we both fished against Kim in League Matches.And like most top anglers totally focused on winning. which made him seem stand offish and aloof.And at time he was at the top of his game. if its true shame on them they will know who they are.

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    I drew next to Kim in two consecutive Longleat matches circa 1987, not long before it was cleared of roach and bream to become a carp venue. First match me and an Eastleigh angler drew either side of him and watched enviously as he drew in a shoal of small roach from way out in to lake whilst we had the crumbs – he had 9lbs for 2nd and we had about 3lbs each. No problem with that but his attitude of how great he was didn’t do him any favours. Next match we drew either side of him again and only a couple of pegs away from where we were in the previous match. This time though it was a lot colder and instead of roach on the float it was a waiting game on a little feeder – but Kim went out on the waggler again thinking the roach would come – they never did (he had ounces) and myself and the Eastleigh angler were 1st and second with 12lbs for me and 11lbs for him, big skimmers and small tench. Kim had to weigh in which he did with bad attitude, such that he tipped in the Eastleigh angler’s fish from 5ft above the water, at which point two anglers threatened to chuck him in. Sorry, but the guy didn’t go out of his way to make friends. He didn’t mind handing it out but didn’t like it when he was beaten.

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    Kim went to Pierpont with Blood and Joker and proved his class . How on earth an angler from Cirencester could turn up and compete at this level was beyond me and when I turned up without a platform the water rose and was in my trays . Stick and waggler was where I needed to stay . He was and did become world class .!!! Only thing missing , IMO was a Figure , Someone he could turn to for advise . Not about fishing , he was brilliant . That bit where you can have the crack but put it to one side when the match starts . Dave Harrell once said to me , Only hate them for 5 hours . You can like them before and after . Ivan was good at it but eventually forgot the 5 hours . 🙂 🙂 🙂 Me I try my best . Being a poor loser ain’t easy to shake off . 😀 😀 😀

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    I hear what you are saying Paul lots of anglers like to go for a pint after a match in fact most do however “the win or lose well have a booze mentality” is not necessarily the way some anglers want to do when they participate within the sport, great for socialising not a problem with that for those that want to go for a pint or two then drive home obviously over the limit on most occasions, however does this sort of indoctrination alienate some participants away from the sport I wonder, it’s the same mentality that you found in tackle shops years ago a few selected anglers huddled around the shop front counter chatting away with the owner and when you approached it all went quite as if you were an alien, I remember as a youngster everything was very much secret squirrel especially tactics even with team fishing/tactics secrecy is an obvious ingredient to success, not surprising that petty jealousy is rife within the sport, on the continent the sport is a family affair 3 hour matches no money mainly trophies and prizes just prestige I wonder if the way we fish hear in England lends itself to secrecy and the win at all costs mentality in fact a bully boy mentality with some teams/managers this is what was prevalent in the England team by all accounts or the article seems to suggest hence the Barnsley mafia tag 🙂

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    I learnt more in the pub listening to them than I’d ever learn fishing in my own bubble on the bank,if you actually look at the team when dick clegg took over there was only Bob nudd from a southern background that made the team.when Kim was around probably at that time venues picked at world champ levels were scratching venues n I’ll stick my head on the line northerners were probably better at doing it reason why I say that is in the 90s southerners were miles in front of us northerners with venues packed to the rafters with match carp n they could bag 200lb nets while us northerners were content bagging 10lb of silvers on what we thought were solid venues

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    Does it matter, really old news and lets move on. barnsley mafia nonsense fished with many off these lads in the late 80’s and 90’s and where the most talkative and honest people I met in giving information out.

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    you reep what you sow
    if you isolate your self in what ever your doing
    then you are asking for it and the team will shut you out no
    matter how good you are
    some say kim milsom WOULD have being world champion
    is that right i dont know
    the fact is there is more to this than meets the eye
    i know most of the englan managment and trust me they are all very nice people
    to be honest this subject has being burnt out in the press time and time again

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    Lots of papers resort to contentious issues . It helps to sell it . You are right what you say . Fred think of something new . 😀 😀 😀

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    Paul OK mt8, I’m happy I had a few nibbles but no real takers and as you have said it’s an old issue 😉 😀 😀 😀

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    I have got some more snippets about it but it’s all second hand and who knows could be troublesome . Repeating what I said Fred the bloke was difficult , but brilliant and I genuinely felt low when it all went belly up . As if it was all unnecessary .

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