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    Well im still trying to master this sea fishing !

    Bass i can catch in the summer and Autumn on the Bolo rod
    and chubber float !

    Its hard now and i cant get f**k all not even a nibble on whatever i try

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    Someone give maggit a hand, poor fella…

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    TF_Baz the Beast

    ~clap ~clap ~clap ~clap ~clap ~clap ~clap ~clap

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    Corndawg moderator

    Set two rods up Paul……..

    One with a single big bait,belted out as far as you can,and the other with a three hook setup,with smaller hooks,smaller baits,targeting Whiting/Flounder.

    Can’t say it will cure your evils,but it gives you better odds of catching…..

    All the best for the new year,


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    or depending on where you are fishing a big bait in the breakers, distance does not mean bigger fish.

    macky head/guts or limpit in the breakers after a good blow will find the bass, they come in shore to feed on the washed up food.

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