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    How’s it fishing at the minute? Got a club match there very soon.

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    Thought it was for sale!! :p :p 😀

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    Maybe it is not sure?
    So how is it fishing then?

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    Fishing it Saturday I’ll let you know

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    Thank you very much
    Are you on the basin end or furnace?

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    Fished the furnace end yesterday 32ld won with a 25 ld second then a ruck of high teens , peg 2 paper pegged on tins did the damage , mostly skimmers to caster and worm at 4 metres , fishing short certainly seemed to get the better stamp fish . Lots of carp up in the water cruising but hard to target due to the weed which covers the canal . Fish were not shy so a .11 hooklength gives you the opportunity to boss them .

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    Thanks for that. What was the weed like. Is it thick or any worse that usual?

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    Some pegs are bad with weed and you only have a short and long option 11m max on most pegs , there was a lot of floating stuff on the pegs nearest the bridge but that end did fish better

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