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    Tuesday 03.05.16 Super Cost – Cutter
    12 fished Bank
    1st Mal Watson (DGL) 78.12.00 Peg 20
    2nd Andy Croft (Andy’s Driving School) 77.14.00 Peg 17
    3rd Tony Stead (WMP Maver) 67.12.00 Peg 26

    Wednesday 04.05.16 Over 50’s
    17 fished Silver
    1st Andy Varden (Mosella) 184.11.00 Peg 02
    2nd Bob Tandy (DHA) 127.07.00 Peg 46
    3rd Syd Julian (DHA) 97.08.00 Peg 08

    Thursday 05.05.16 Cost – Cutter
    20 fished Meadow
    1st Dave Williams (Halesowen B.L.) 117.09.00 Peg 52
    2nd John Hudson (Marukyu Mids) 92.13.00 Peg 56
    3rd Ray Phillips (DHA) 89.00.00 Peg 08

    Friday 06.05.16 PM Open
    21 fished Bank, Moors & Island
    1st Dave Bowater (Moorlands) 177.01.00 Peg 20 Bank
    2nd Sam Parker (Club 2000) 160.05.00 Peg 26 Bank
    3rd Lee Bowden (Central Trains) 145.09.00 Peg 05 Moors

    Saturday 07.05.16 Open
    1st Mick Henshall (Fosters) 102.01.00 Peg 25 Meadow
    2nd Mal Watson (DGL) 100.01.00 Peg 08 Moors
    3rd Eric Davies (Alans Tackle) 96.06.00 Peg 47 Meadow

    Sunday 08.05.16 Open
    25 fished Meadow
    1st Chris Hill (Mosella) 162.03.00 Peg 54 Meadow
    2nd Lee Richards (Packington) 146.13.00 Peg 11 Meadow
    3rd Pete Eden (Moorlands) 113.02.00 Peg 51 Meadow

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