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    Can you contact John at Rolfs. You left your keepnets and a margin pole behind after todays match. John has kept hold of them for you.


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    Vince, were they dry ones ?

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    He did manage a few a fish but but unfortunately for him he draw rather badly. It’s his own fault he had every peg to choose from as he drew first, trust him to pick a bad one 🙂

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    I sent him an email to let him know

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    Thanks Vince and all. The dry net was already in the van: this one held five carp for 25.12. The other 6 had been ‘weighers’, over 8lb. Vince was too polite to mention that I got ‘done’ by a fish that ran into a bush (courtesy of the high levels) and broke my elastic, trailing a Wilkie float! 1hr 20 mins later the float (and short length of elastic, connector, line and hook) were returned. I was on peg 20 (crap, right in far bay, ask gazmalman) and the fish was landed ( and I was told hooked in the gob) from peg 38 at the extreme other end. It was little consolation to be told it weighed 17.8 and won the ‘big fish prize’. Hahahaha. The 6 weighers went 63.4.

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    A classic fishermans tale if ever I heard one……… LOL!!

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    TF_Baz the Beast

    Thats because Keith is a Classic fisherman,
    Just like a good old Classic car,
    Been around the block a few times,
    A few bumps and rattles,
    Can take a while to get started on cold mornings,
    But pleanty of miles left in him yet.

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    baz thats the nicest thing been said about him for a long time mate.pmsl

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    Just goes to prove that fish don’t mind a little thing like a hook stuck in them! Didn’t stop that one feeding even with the rig and a bit of elastic trailing behind it.

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