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      Sorry guys but in the process of trying to speed things up all had been lost on this forum.
      Look on the bright side – it’s like a new dawn?????

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      Crap, hope you have my email addy, keepin contact.

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      And it’s still slow!!!

      I will start new BBQ/Smutts meet in the morning.

      Turn RED.

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      Is it possible someone can find, cut and paste the Selsey meet post?

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      Not slow here and I’m afraid it’s all gone. Human error. Look on the bright side, if there is one…

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      HUH ! ! !

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      First there’s talk of a sea licence, and now this!

      Where will it all end…

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      I can only offer my apologies. Bit of miss communication really. I wanted ten pages of threads off the coarse forum to free up database space but ten pages were knocked off here as well – there were only eight pages so they all went the way of the dodo. oops.
      At least the site’s faster again!!!

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      Geepster- I dunno if this might help but I saved a page in my favourites about 3-4 months ago. The page had dissapeared from the forum but still I could access to the page after 3 months from the direct link! Surely, this pages has been saved on your server and not deleted even if it was not appearing on the several pages of the forum.

      This can explain why this has been slowing down as the server has been saving all the pages since!

      What’s a dodo?


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      sex aid

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      They have been physically deleted Jackyboy, rather than dropping off the site as they do by default after three months. I reckon what you could still access might be those that have gone off after three months. And at 4am every morning the site backs up and has saved the deletion, so they can’t be retrieved. Didn’t know that last night. I know this now because HA has been in touch as he thought we could get them back. So I asked ICO today and alas alak no, the 4am back up has mucked that idea up as it’s basically saved the error. The unlucky thing is there was no need at all to take any threads off here. A lot were taken off the coarse forum as that has about 60 pages, but this one only had about eight pages. Just one of those things I guess.

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      Doooommed, not even n4lly has a back up!

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      Geepsta il kick yer ass at Evesham

      Dam Yanks, gun ho, if it moves shoot it !

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      Careful maggit. I drew between Des Shipp and venue ace Middleton last year and scalped the both of them.

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      So the old threads ARE still knocking about in the ether.


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      Yep, and with some bit’s deleted the original selsey meet post is now on the other post.
      Thanks to ‘Pizza’, but also thanks to ‘purple’ for finding other threads if required.

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      Geepster what actually happened – did you do something or did ‘we’ ?

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      twas the yank, he who is affraid of floodlit football in the grounds of flacons

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