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    Just seen the new Finesse and Classic Drennan rods. Very nice blanks with superfast recovery. Nice touch having only one joint and a section of handle that can be removed, therefore they can easily be carried made up.

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    How much are they then and what lengths?

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    Nathan I think they’re £159 & they are both 13 footers

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    Shame they haven’t got a website sorted out. Come on Drennan!

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    Is the 13ft finesse much softer than the classic as i’m still looking for a replacement for my rive ultralite 13ft (may sell at a later which i find just to stiff for lines below 0.11. The finesse is the near the top of my waggle list, as is the fox fx 13ft.I cannot afford the tourney as i have just payed a stupid price for car insurance.

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    nice & soft, not disimilar to the compaison between the Matchpro Float vs Matchpro Ultralight

    still got enough down the blank to cope with the occasional carp though

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    Finesse is a cracking river roach rod or skimmers on lakes. The classic has a bit more power, chub or carp I suppose. Both are 13ft, it was the balance and recovery that impressed me.

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