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    Hi all, welcome to the new forum.
    Sorry, to good a chance to miss.
    Who are you?
    Where are you?

    Greenman – Pete – Mid Sussex.

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    WOW!! Spooky

    Hello Greenman

    peter.m – Northumberland

    This takes me back some years

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    Dave = Lugsy and still not grown up, happy fishing

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    beachcaster -john northern ireland.

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    Anon – credo

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    zonnkers – Dick – sea fishing Thames to Dorset – fluff chucking Kent.

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    Just started chucking fluff, spent loadsamoney, occasionally out onna boat, beach and pub.

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    Davy.. West Coast of Scotland.. still lurking about

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    Dougie, near Bognor, Pagham, Selsey, Wittering, Bracklesham, Chi Harbour, Hayling, and Langstone Harbour, in fact anywhere where theres no fish !

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    Dave – ‘Ampshire, about 15 miles up the A3 from the coast. Which begs the question; why do I not get down there more often?

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    Paul,near Bognor,also fish same area as Redgill with same results.

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    Great to meet you all again, welcome back.
    Get involved, keep posting and get to the meets.
    Keep fishing and let us know how you get on.
    Allow a month lead time, but post your next fishing trip and invite others to attend, make it a ‘meet’
    You nether know who will turn up?

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    Well that’s Ten [10] of us so far.

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    Hampshire !

    Crap sea angler, great weed collector and designer of rigs that catch weed !

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    ace bass hunter,flounder fanatic and fisher of remote purbeck rock ledges.
    supplier of frozen crab when available.

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    Shonzy, all-mighty Pompey!! (The hound genius at the mo, 22 in 3 weeks inc 4 double’s)

    Is H.A still sulkin’??

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    Oh and Kenny when we doing the purbeck’s, i remember last year you saying about the pollock and bass there???

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    Ali W



    Woke up turned on computer and its all gone.
    Nice to see that a few of you servived.
    Not sure if i can make the meet on the 30th but hope you all have tight lines.

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    Phil from Redhill here.

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    Jim from Streatham

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    Trev from Sheppey, North Kent.

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    Bob from Derbyshire

    Never mind things will get sorted out

    Still living an fishing up ‘ere…just,hope to meet up soon

    Boring when the bloody seas so far away!!!!!!

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    Bob from Derbyshire

    Never mind things will get sorted out

    Still living an fishing up ‘ere…just,hope to meet up soon

    Boring when the bloody seas so far away!!!!!!

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    Great to see some old and new names, welcome all.

    Still lots missing tho’

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    That’s nineteen todate.
    No harm done, even if you are just visiting, stick your name down, so that we all know who is about and where you are.

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    Steve from Salisbury

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    Gurgeh still reads this carp ;o)

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    what me bro said, but i don’t catch hounds, come to think of it i don’t catch anythink 🙁

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    let’s not go there again please

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    Got any crabs for Sat yet?

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    squiddly= glen from peckham se london,fish anywhere on the south coast..

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    blindog fae the far North

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    Neil – not a million miles away from Arbroath – have been known to torment sea fish and game fish with little success. If not fishing, bimbling around europe on my motorbike (given the chance!).

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    Handle gives location. Fish as and when the DIY projects subside sufficiently to escape for a few hours, even if the beach is only 75 yards from the front door!!! Do prefer to get afloat to launching worms from the beach though.

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    What have you been up to lately ,have not heard from you for a little while

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    Att; Pagham Pirate, we love you [back off Ada, my post!] welcome to the forum mate.
    We need some local knowlege so please keep use informed.
    Keep a look out for our next meet and BBQ, I could do with a suitable parking spot to unload all the gear !!!!!

    Send me mail [hit red greenman] so that we can keep in touch.

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    Hackney lol

    no No Peckham 😉

    realy Moray Firth N/E Scotland

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    Bubbles … Merthyr Tydfil

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    I used to know a Murray Frith?

    I never knew you batted that way ada lol

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    batman southampton, been away glad to be back

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    Welcome back.

    Thats 28 of us listed now.
    Hope some of you have been able to contact locals and old friends.

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    Matt ……..Norwich. Moved from the Midlands so can kiss goodbye to the 12m pole, yipee.

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    Still around,will be going to jamaica on the 25th of this month will be back 0n the 23rd aug. will attend the next meet after that. Hello zonnkers how are you,meet for a session soon..

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    So far all the scrim-shankers that have called me PP have felt the wrath of my rusty cutlass.

    Six lashes with a soggy Dogfish for you my boy as a first offence!!!

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    Greenman – you have mail.

  • #60577

    Yet to receive!

  • #60578

    PP still not got the mail!!!

  • #60579

    Got it, thanks.
    Keep in touch.

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    Some of you still missing!!!

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    Whats all this about then? Looks just like the same forum to me. I haven’t been on for some time, work, work, work, family problems and my pc went to that scrapyard in the sky along with all my email, contacts, favourites etc. This Vista thingy is quite good though. Anyone who knows me from past whom I might have had contact details for, could you drop me a email so I can pretend to have some friends again.
    Haven’t managed to wet a line for nearly two years now but hopefully that will change soon.
    Oh, I’m from Southampton and when I do go fishing it is usually along the south coast from Chesil to Selsey.

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    cobra here ,,, its been a long time but im still alive and kicking

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    Yep, same forum, sort of!
    But due to cock up all history was lost, so forum started again from scratch.

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