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    Could anyone give me any advice on bying a 16mtr pole I have £850 to get one as ive never owned a 16mtr pole cheers ive only just joined this forum

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    I would advise you look at getting a good second hand pole as you won’t get a good new 16mt pole for that money but I guess you already know that.
    As for which one well there are a few few, look for recommendation and reliability reputation from Garbolino, Daiwa, Preston ranges or others, poles are very much a personal thing and again I’m sure you something in mind but again I think your budget is a bit shy of the mark so good luck …..

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    What matchcarp has said is spot on…

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    have a 16m maver 401 no damage or repairs and 2 power kits for 450 posted mate, have some power kits from the elite carp also if you want them

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