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    I hear that daiwa are bring out a new top end pole, does anyone know if any of the other company’s have any thing in the pipe line. I am looking for a pole mainly for silver fish, perch and maybe the odd tench.
    Also are there any shops that still have pole alleys?

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    fosters has a pole alley

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    ted carters in preston lancashire av a pole alley too i gotta brand new unwanted gift its a sensas 734 power match pole with 9 top kits cupping kit cup mini etension pole holdall(sensas). rrp £1000.00
    £800 ono

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    Sorry carp tart, am put off by anything with power or carp in the name.

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    no probs pal still a very good pole tho

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    Colmic are bringing out 3 new poles in 2013 which are supposed to be awesome.I own a colmic x5000 & it would take some bettering.

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    Thanks for that tackle21, any idea when? Has any one held the air yet, is it that much different to the airity, have the top kits been improved.
    Maver must be due to bring something out soon the 88 is more than a year old….Matrix, drennan may be possibility having a go, or not as the case may be. It’s the one item that’s not worth trying to source from abroad due to the 13 m limit on the continent. Map have some new stuff out anyone tried them?

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    have a look at the browning z12 mate . you can order so it comes with all match kits . its the lightest pole and stiffest i have picked up and been using it now for 6 months brilliant pole mate

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    according to the times anglers picking up thr air couldn’t see much difference between the airity and the air although the air is supposed to be stiffer,lighter, stronger but more importantly has less tip bounce that has been a problem with daiwa poles in the past, they have stiffened up the top sections to create a pole which has more response and a better recovery so the blurb suggests

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    @Fred Davis wrote:

    according to the times anglers picking up thr air couldn’t see much difference between the airity and the air although the air is supposed to be stiffer,lighter, stronger but more importantly has less tip bounce that has been a problem with daiwa poles in the past, they have stiffened up the top sections to create a pole which has more response and a better recovery so the blurb suggests

    £4000 SSP Fred , think i will give that one a miss , be a real bitch if you stood on a NO7 section.

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    I think that the air is looking out of the picture, it does not sound to be a huge improvement to the airity and although its in my price range there would seem to be better value poles out there. I will wait a bit and try to see one first but the Z12 is sounding the way to go to me.

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    check out the garbo M1, i was thinking of getting an airity until i had a go with the M1

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    Quite agree spuds1, I was hoping that daiwa would bring out a groundbreaking pole or at least with some of the new improvements that other pole manufacturers have done, browning really are leading the field in pole innovation despite my dislike of the longer joint scenario

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    new for 2013 will be 3 colmic poles all called AIRON these will be airon f33 airon f44 and the top of the range airon f55.
    i have tested the prototype airon f33 which is to be the cheapest.i fished this at all lengths and it was brilliant,it was that good that i thought it would be the top of the range and was suprised to find it would be the cheapest of the 3 for the uk.
    it as some lovely features, reversible mini butts from no3 section back to the butt sections,titanium reinforced carbon on the female joints to stop compression.
    the finish is also quite rough to touch and matt this travels through the hands superbly.
    this pole just felt right from being so well balanced and light to being extremely rigid,the sections were very robust too,
    cant wait to see the f55 this must have to be the best pole ever to beat the f33.

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    wanger-not doubting the new colmic is a wonderful pole – but doesn’t this new range have 2 parallel exts. inserted at the 11m section to take it to 16m?

    Can understand it must be very slim compared to competitors by such design- but heard on another forum that the top model is allegedly retailing at £5k .Can also appreciate that colmic are highly regarded by matchmen on continent but surely they fish 13m pole limits?
    Have seen quite a few recentish colmic’s (with 2x ext. added on past the 13m section- think the 5000 but may be wrong- silver butt with red long stripe) on commercial banks and their owners certainly very happy with them.

    However, can’t see how either 2 parallel exts. and having to undo one of these at the 11m to change pole length when fishing can equal the balance and weight distribution of a true 16m pole
    – but as am no expert myself , am certainly willing to be explained why this doesn’t affect balance at 16m?.

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    When is the colmic due? I am looking to buy sooner rather than later, otherwise I will be continually hanging on waiting for the next best thing. I can live with parallel extentions as its rare for me to fish 16m anyway. I was looking at brownings catalogue earlier, and am also thinking maybe I should just buy two Z8s or the like and have spares on tap and lots of top kits. Are there any particular poles in the £1500-£2000 grand price range that really stand out.

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    colmic poles for UK will have one butt section that is usable from 13 m have 2 performance sections which are added between the butt to increase length.the butt section is super strong and made from a very high tonnage carbon this balances the pole beautifully.there is nothing stopping you from fishing either 13 or 14 .5 m without the butt in place.the butt section is the only section with graphics on they have made the pole naked to reduce weight as the graphics add 25 grm per section.
    the pole of the same name airon will be available on the continent but the performance sections will be 2sections closer to the tip than the UK version.age UK version has been designed as a true 16m UK pole.
    lowest model f33 as better enforce than browning z12 at all Italy they will also have a super slim model at 13 m called primacy 7033 this will have the large price tag.
    UK prices for Airon f33 f44 and f55 should be revealed soon along with the spares package.

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    mmmm colmic ossett again mark? lol 😉 😉 😉

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    no ioda .
    Kyle as got a individual colmic deal and is a agent for them.

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    Id give a kidney for the new Daiwa. 😀

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    Has the new Diawa hit the shops yet?
    Was thinking of the Airity 13m package or 16m pole only as I have a pro x with a couple of repaired sections after it blew off the roller. Dont fancy spending £500 to replace them.
    I assume the Air will be off the same mandrel as the Pro, Pro X, Airity etc.
    Need to decide before the list goes off to Santa.
    I wont consider anything else as I have loads of kits.

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    Heard that Browning have a new pole in the pipe line which superceeds the Z12 already…so take care…Tricast have a new range coming out in the summer to improve on the Trilogy..British and spares forever.

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    Its a confidence thing though isn’t it, plenty of the lads down here in the south west have gone back to Daiwa from garbolino/maver etc because they know the Daiwa’s are built for the UK and they are more confident with the Daiwa. Especially on the commies where the fish just keep on getting bigger. There is also the spares situation which you cant fault with Daiwa.

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    Lets face it all top end poles are very good whichever manufacturer you choose. Existing kits you have are the only consideration.
    I too suport Daiwa as they are UK based and they are as good as anything else. I drive a German car as I am not convinced British is better, a Rover I once had was probably the worst car ever made and I am not prepared to risk another.

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    Daiwa may well be British based…However other than their top end poles..the rest are made in China…..and they still come apart when shipping in or out

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    Tis true, the coming apart thing is a major issue, it happened to my mates tourny x a few weeks ago. They should look into it and fix the problem.

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    I would imagine it may take a change to the mandrills tapers to fix. Which would no doubt cause upset to the many satisfied daiwa owners as their old poles would not interchange. However they may not get many new converts as other company’s are fighting hard with some very nice poles. Kind of think they are caught between a rock and a hard place.

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    daiwa poles come apart because the male joint does not ho in far enough.
    in comparison to all other manufacturers garbo ,Preston,maver ect daiwa male sections only go incabout half what they do.

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    Ar ha, that that explains why I felt the need to hacksaw an inch off my 995s no4 after being a daiwa user before that.

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    I have had my Tourney Pro for just over 7 years, a great pole. Now starting to show its age a bit from wear and tear. I would love to walk into a shop and get and Airity, because from what I have seen on the bank they look great. (I need to save more) Obviously all my current sections and spares would be interchangeable. However if the new Daiwa pole was built from different mandrels this would no doubt put customers off a bit. Also could the mandrel design be preventing the daiwa poles progressing to the next level. If poles are built on the same mandrel, then it is only the carbon cloth that can change, which would result in an increase in price for a new pole.
    One possible other thing that may happen is that the price of an Airtity might drop a bit if a new pole was launched. I can dream

    Tight lines.

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    rjays the rumour about a new browning pole was dismissed as absolute rubbish by the browning rep on maggot drowners, with poles like the z9 still taking vast orders and the z12 selling beyond expectations it is extremely unlikely that any new browning pole will be released soon, the sale of the z12 was said to continue for at least another 3 years with spares for a furthur 5 years after it is discontinued, in fact the browning rep on maggot drowners was so incensed at the posters suggestion that another browning pole was in the pipeline that he asked the poster where he got this info from as it was absolute rubbish, when the poster took offence and said he was told by the browning rep, the browning rep asked what area and then told the poster he was the rep for that area and also added that if a new pole was to be released he would be one of the first to know, to say the browning rep was brassed off was a real understatement.He did reitterate that there are no new top end browning poles waiting to be released.The rumoured new browning pole was even called the z15 and as I said dismissed as absolute rubbish by the browning rep!

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    Have a look at the diawa spectron M2, Great silver fish pole rated to 12 elastic. Light Stiff top kits interchangeable with other poles.

    I’ve got the M2 the Tournament Pro and the original Spectron competition. The competition is the best all round pole of the three in my opinion however the M2 is every bit as good for silvers if not slightly better. and cheaper than most other top end poles.

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    The new Daiwa Air is in some shops now with a price tag of £3750!!

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    Wow thats a tad steep even for a top end Daiwa. Prices tend to come down after a launch, if I recall the Airity was 3k for ages, now its nearer 2.5.
    I cannot imagine the Air is so much better than the other top end poles, therefore the price tag will be too high for most.

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    While I could afford it, the packages lack of flexability on tops and the fact that I would want a few more rules it out to me. If I already had a daiwa pole with bits it may well have been more interesting.
    The top browning may or may not be a better pole but I doubt an average angler like myself will notice enough of a difference and it comes at a longer length and I can add 6 or 7 tops onto the package for the money. The air will sell to daiwa fans but I think I will stick to buying their reels.

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    Just been looking at packages and prices and its not a lot different to the Airity. The 13m package inc 4x match top 4s is only £130 more expensive than the Airity 13m package which includes 3x top 5s.
    Not sure how much use the extra 5’s would be to me.
    At 16m the price difference is huge which is strange as I would expect buyers of the air to be TPro owners at the very least. They can therefore use 14 and 16m sections from the Tpro on the 13m Air.
    Took pricing and details from FFriend web site.
    No interlastic kits though on the 13m package!!

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    Given that the Air is made on same existing daiwa mandrel then could one then assume that the new ’16’m Air will still be approx. three quarters of a metre shorter than the comparitive 16m Garbolino M1 and Browning’s Z9’s & Z12’s without no.1 section despite its near £1K price difference?

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    yep it will I dare say still come up short in several respects

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    and yet still be the most desirable 😀

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    Simple really, remove the no 1 and fit the half extension on the 16m section and its 16m long.
    Easy to knock Daiwa, but has a perfect pole been made yet?

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    What i want to know is now they have taken the ‘ity’ out of the ‘Airity’, will it make the pole lighter?
    Also if they continue with the same pattern will the next pole be called the daiwa ‘A’ 😀

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    Less paint means a lighter pole, it does make sense……

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    yes- getting rid of paint to save weight makes sense – hope other pole manufacturers follow suit.
    And since Diwa are uk manufactured always git to be a plus factor.
    Personally a pole without any garish graphics or coloured butts would be a plus factor anyway.
    You could easily tippex a 14.5 , 16m mark on – if should you need.

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