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        How are they fishing at present
        Tactics, Baits etc.
        Also are all pools fished the same way?

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          Put a post up for jeff moors mate, him and his lad andy are as good as anybody on there and there nice lads as well

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          Jeff Moors

            Very kind of you to say that Steve.Fished very well at the weekend.Tacticts tend to vary as all anglers fish different methods but this is how i tend to start a match on the new pools.Decide wether you are going to fish long on the deck or up in the water,both methods can work feeding 4m pellets.Fish 2 or 3 sections on your topkit ,feeding 4m pellet.4 or 6m expanders on the hook or paste.Also feed the margins again with pellet,same baits.I tend to use 0.14 line straight thro to a 16s 911 hook.Depths vary from inches in the margins,gradually sloping away to the deepest point which is in the middle 6ft.As i said before there are different tactics and bait but this is how i approach the new pools.

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              Thanks Jeff.Excellent info.

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                jeff which pegs are fishing at the moment is there any lake thats better than the rest at the moment?

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                Jeff Moors

                  varies mate,you could win off any pool.You will only know where you wanted to draw after the match,lol.

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                    thanks jeff will be having ago tomorrow in the rover match

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                      Jeff,i was there on sunday on pool 4,first time i’ve been to cudmore..i could see fish all day swirling and rooting in the margins in 10 inches of water so i targetted them for most of the day.however, i could not get them to take my hookbait..i fed sweetcorn and 4mm pelletts and at the end,had only caught 15 carp and they were caught by literally dragging the bait right up into the rat holes..what would you have done differently to try and catch these fish if you had that scenario because it did my effin head in. ?

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                        meant to add…i thought the pole feeder might sort it out but like a twat i never took any groundbait to my peg with me..what do you think,does pole feeder work ?

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                        TF_Snooty Fox

                          You coming this Sunday Gaz ??

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                            woody, i was on pool 4 mate and the same thing was happening, loads of em in the margin and they wouldnt take a thing, meat, pellet, paste, the week before i managed 52 lb on the bomb in the margins, this week i didnt get 1 fish on it in the margins, just crazy in them pools. lol

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                            J Gorman

                              Exactly the same problem i have every yr in the youth masters final on there lol, havent got a clue wot im doing wrong but there are definatly fish in the margins but i cant catch them

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                       m8 as i have a ticket for the billy lane memorial at coombe abbey this sunday.

                                ratneck + j gorman..yeah its dead frustrating isn’t it..i’d have to go back and try again and see what happens..mind you,it has been said that if you can see fish rooting around in the margins like that then its almost impossible to catch them.i have experienced this before on matches on other venues and its always been the same.

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                                Jeff Moors

                                  WOODY999, not a lot you can do mate but dont get draged into fishing for them too early.

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                                    Cheers Jeff,normally i wouldn’t fish for them that early in the match in the margins but because they were there and i could see them almost from the off i thought i would try and make hay whilst the sun shone..i got too pre-occupied with it and i guess it back fired on me.

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                                      woody999 you wasnt pegged around the 130s on pool 4 sunday were you

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                                        Yes pelletthead..peg 131..where were you then ?

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                                          He was on pool 5.

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                                            i was behind you on pool 5 the person you were talkin to after the match mate

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                                              Oh hello pellethead,hope you didn’t mind me questioning you on sunday after the match m8..just trying to gather some info for when i come up there next time..asked neil machin a few questions too,but not too many as didn’t want to bother him too much.

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                                                no probs mate every has to start somewere the only problem u have with pool 5 is there is a good mix of carp neil has caught mirrors i caught commons and jeff has had F1S its them mirrors you need 2 win the match tho matey

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                                                  Thanks for the info..much appreciated.

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