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    I’m just after a few opinions really i’ve had a brilo box for 13 years and i think its time for a change, i’ve been looking at the Platt-Form Tuffbox series 6 i like the way its been built looks very strong but there doesn’t seem many places that stock them so any info would be good? also had a look at the new garbolino seatbox nice and comfy but i’m a bit unsure about the storage system underneath the seat can the plastic storage box can it be replaced by a aluminum storage unit? or extra draws? any info would be good Cheers?

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    Bamba hi mt8 lots of the postal lads have gone for the new boss box or tournament (same box but blue) as it’s incredibly light I lifted john brennans new boss box up which was fully loaded with gear + footplate + add ons and side trays and it was half the weight of my brilo, however don’t bother buying the wheel system there not that great.Not sure about the garbolino got a bit of a rough ride on here :¬)

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    cheers fred i’ll take a look thanks for replying mate.

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    If your going to be spending that much on a new box then i would suggest having a serious look at the milos..i’ve had all sorts of boxes over the years but i have recently purchased a milo pro 100 and in my opinion its the best box i have ever is superbly constructed and has all the space i need (8 draws and decent base unit) is heavy but that doesn’t matter as i always use a wheel kit that i have adapted from a set of boss wheels.
    check em out !

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    Milo’s are terrific boxes however they are heavy if you have a build like Arny worth getting one just to stay in shape, lol

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    Look at the Matchbox it’s a quality bit of kit & can be made up to your exact requirements.
    Try Benwick sports web site.

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    milo carbonete best deal around even my pals with tackle shops say this..goto

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    On Box, nowt wrong with them

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    Milo’s are good reliable boxes. If you don’t want a milo a Rive will be just as good and should be a wee bit lighter? due to the lightweight alluminium add on units. Failing that, I would deff get a box with a sliding footplate as they are alot more stable than the folding ones. Preston on boxes are excluded from the sliding footplate cause they’re tacky and nothing compared to a milo/rive sliding footplate.

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    Take a look at the matchbox pyramid set ups,The’re nice and light,Not like the the majority of boxes out there plus they dont cost the earth neither check out the pyramid 4 box with 6″base and footplate £330 from benwick sports,Trust me the’re bang on,a few fellow anglers have had milos and on boxs and have changed 2 a matchbox when the’ve tried 1 out when buying a new box.Why do anglers need 8+trays and drawers anyhow?

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    round leg 2 side drawers(30mm,50mm) footplate,box cover,matchstax & 5″ base good condition call pat on 07956
    475668 £180
    tackle21 posted this on the coarse forum

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    Rive seem to have lost some popularity but many of the top anglers use them. I have just down sized from the full Rive monty to the station light. Why do we need platforms when fishing comercials off proper platforms anyway? The station light offers a stable platform to fish from together with a cross drawer and winder tray.You can add trays drawers etc as it suits you, or not. Its light and you dont need a trolley to move it or a large van to get it in. All for £160, defo worth a look.

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    Can’t beat Milo. All the way not heavy when you consider how far we don’t walk nowdays. Best by far try the 1200 pro

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    I have a tuff-box and I can well believe it’s going to be just s good in 10 years time as it is now. The all alloy series is a piece of superbly fabricated kit.Fosters do them.

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    I’m selling a new box on ebay for my local shop. It’s the Shakespeare superteam Matchbox. It’s super value at only £255, but at the moment the one on ebay is only £51.
    Worth a look.

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    Ive had the Milo Magma 1400 since it first came out over a year ago, there after sales in this country is sh*t, it took me 6 months to get a part under warranty,the Milo rep would not return my calls and it was not untill I threatened legal action on goods not fit for purpose that I got the part. Think about warranty on boxes made outside the uk.

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    Platt Forms are nice boxes, had a look at one recently in my local shop. Fosters stock them if you have a look at there website. That’s the one I’d go for if I was looking for a new box.

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    TF_boss bait

    got a platforms series 5 cant fault it had it about a year now had a preston box last time wouldnt touch another even if it was free

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    Mono, don’t know who your box came from, got mine from Nathan’s at Derby and needed a new seat and he just swapped it with 1 in his shop, they are very good like that.

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    Oakley, who are closing down due to retirement!

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    Rive ST, Rive ST, Rive ST, I’ll say no more

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