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        Makins Fishery sponsored by Tackle Guru
        DATE: 26 APRIL 2023
        1st Shane SAYERS (Bennett’s Tackle & Bait) 109-08
        2nd Shaun WEED (Old Works AC) 87-12
        3rd Chris WAYTE (Coalville) 80-15
        4th John ADAMSON (Nisa Feeders) 62-07
        5th Nick WEED (Old Works AC) 47-00

        The clear and frosty nights this week had a detrimental effect on the sport this week, although everyone caught fish and had a decent day.

        Shane Sayers failed to draw his usual A21 peg but switched to the other end of the lake with B3 (where before the match carp could be seen in reasonable numbers in the margins). He caught on feeder, waggler and bomb if the early stages before switching to pole when he caught at first on meat fished short and finally in the margins to put a healthy 109-08 on the scales to win.

        As the floating boom had been removed immediately before the match, A14 was used instead of the usual A15, with Shaun Weed in situ. He caught early on the method feeder, then corn fished short for 87-12 and second place.

        Chris Wayte was on A21 and could catch nothing from his margins or short, but he did catch on the method feeder and on the bomb and pellet to take third place with 80-15.

        John Adamson (B14) took fourth place with 62-07 taken on the method feeder, with Nick Weed (B21) in fifth with 47-00, again on the method feeder.

        Many thanks to Shaun for his scales work. During the match, Chris Wayte suffered a nasty injury when he tripped over his landing net handle and nose-dived onto his rod, badly cutting his nose. It’s the first time I’ve seen anyone trying to put a rod ring in their nose – I hope it’s not a new trend. I just hope it is not as bad as it looked.

        As mentioned earlier, the boom that runs across the lake from the island to between A17 and A18 has been removed and will eventually be replaced by a rope. It is hoped this will encourage more fish movement as they had a tendency to congregate under it. It is hoped to remove the poles (used to anchor the boom) in the coming weeks thus removing those snags.

        The photos are of the top anglers with part of their catches.

        NB. Nisa Opens are held every Wednesday on Lake Two at Makins Fishery (see Facebook “Nisa – midweek open matches” to book a place).

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