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        Makins Fishery sponsored by Tackle Guru
        DATE: 11 JANUARY 2023
        1st Matt GAETTO (Long Eaton Victoria AS) 97-07
        2nd Chris WAYTE (Coalville) 64-06
        3rd Tony LAMB (Elephant & Castle) 38-03
        4th John ADAMSON (Nisa Feeders) 6-09
        Paid top three

        On a day that started in bright sunshine, then clouded over after a couple of hours as the wind strengthened and rain started, the match proved to be of two distinct halves in more ways than one. One comparison was personal comfort as the A bank was sheltered from the wind, whilst the anglers on the B bank faced three hours of strong and gusting wind and driving rain coming right at them. The other was the location of the carp. On both sides of the lake, the high numbers produced carp, whilst anglers struggled to catch anything at all on the low numbers. In spite of the heavy overnight rain which had also fallen most of the previous day, the water in the lake lacked colour, and keepnets could be seen for at least five feet down, which probably encouraged the carp to shoal tightly in the more sheltered and deeper areas of the lake.

        Matt Gaetto on peg A16 was fishing his first Nisa Open and started on straight lead and bread which had produced fish in that area the previous week. He also fed a “skimmer line” with micros as 11m. After a fishless 90 minutes, Matt switched to the pole and baiting with a pellet dropped in the 11m line and immediately hooked a carp which he lost. He “beefed up” his tackle and from then until the end of the match caught carp regularly to end with 97-07 for a clear win.

        On peg A13, Chris Wayte fished a straight lead for the whole match. His first hour was on bread which failed to produce any signs of a fish, but a switch to corn on the hook transformed his match as he then caught fish regularly to end with 64-06 for second place.

        On the windswept B bank on peg B21, Tony Lamb also opted for straight lead and after casting around in front of where he sat without a sign he cast to his left into deep water and was rewarded with a carp. Throughout the day he added several more (the first two on bread and then the rest by switching baits between bread and corn), and adding a few roach on his pole line ended the match with 38-03 for third place.

        Several anglers with carp did not weigh as they know they could not compete with the top three, enabling John Adamson to sneak fourth place with his single carp (bomb and bread after 2 hours his only bite).

        Many thanks to Matt for scales duties. The photos show the top three with part of their catches.

        NB. Nisa Opens are held every Wednesday on Lake Two at Makins Fishery (see Facebook “Nisa – midweek open matches” to book a place).

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