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    TF_Andy L

    Hi all thinking of selling these rods as I don’t use them any more
    The microlite has only been used once the 13 ft quiver has only 2 tips other than that mint as is the 11 ft what are they worth they are
    Micro lite ncm13x
    11ft quiver 11 Ncq11
    13 ft quiver 13 ncq 13

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    Loved my Microlite.
    Leant it to someone, never got it back.

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    Loved mine as well Geepster, Titan 2000, but broke it,…..they were a rod of the moment, but probably there are better out there now….

    Anyone an opinion on that?

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    i got an original microlight 12` , absolutely love that rod, got a Normark avenger as well but broke 1.5″ off the tip section 😡 , had it re -whipped but not the same rod. 🙁 the original Titan top fits if anybody got one lying in their shed/ tackle store.

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    type normark into an ebay search – theres somebody with some orginal tip sections for normark rods – might have what you want. 😉

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    Hi Andy lost your no ian here how are you

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