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        I’ve just discovered that you have got yourself kicked out of the WSF forum!
        What in Gods name did you do to earn such an honour???

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          I think it was just because he was speaking the truth, hit some nerves and all that, some at the top just can’t handle it!!!!

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            Yer dey dont want anyone tellin the world how it is when theres money at stake. Commercial site like that cannot afford to have anyone thinking for themselves.

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              I think you could well be right Bill.I asked the mods why they kicked Ada out and they told me to mind my own business!

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                That’s one less site we have to put up with him on 😉

                Have they ever let anyone back before???

                “Bring back Ada…Bring back Ada” Lol

                As i said on the other site it’s a shame thing end up like this, it’s only a forum

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                  Wouldn’t have thought you were Ada,it’s the rest of us who are bovvered!We don’t like seeing a good bloke being booted out for no good reason!!!!

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                    Ada, Sorry to see you go from there as you were 1 of the only people to take time to help others,unlike some i could mention. Think the mods(little-hitlers) on there let their MATES (essex/Scots -Boys) get away with certain things,still their loss in the end,as i cant be arsed with that forum myself anymore. Andy..

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                      It can work both ways, Boycott the site. I doubt that it will make an hapeth of difference to Mr Fustall cos theres loads o mugs out there will be taken in. But you can excercise you opinions by voting wid yo feet.

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                        u cant fart on that site without getting banned,

                        i had a right ear full last year for posting in the wrong section, so i rarely bother anymore

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                          Shame to see that you have been ousted Ada. It would appear that they are perhaps worried by anglers who post on the boards with enough knowledge of their sport to see through the bull.

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                            I think farting especially after several pints of real ale followed by a curry is probably reasonable grounds for being banned but expressing opinions well………..Again its like religion I’m afraid – Believe in the same God as me or I’ll kill you.

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                              But you do have an oppinion !!!!!

                              Have got a mind of your own & are far from silly…… NOT being able to pull the wool over your eyes probably did it. LOL

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                                The problem is sadly a fact of modern life. Many websites whilst purporting to be one thing are actually governed by the need to generate revenue. So whilst the users are compelled to sign up to a code of conduct to join, the same morals and ethics supposedly applied to the users are waived when it comes to owners and their financial interests.
                                Challenge these interests at your peril, ranks close very fast when money is a driving issue.
                                We all know Ada is a harmless old buffer,god bless him and all who sail in him……
                                P.S. In my opinion blueys are hopeless and I will never use them again from a beach or pier again.

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                                  Zonnkers comments regarding blueys were not quite so forthright on here, but when fishing with him a week ago he said the only way he could keep it on the hook was with bait elastic. Bit like trying to sew a button on a fart.

                                  I seem to remember nearly 30 years ago or maybe a bit less a big whohar about “the RED” carp bait.

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                                    Lol! I thought someone wrote ‘lot more durable than mackerel’?

                                    You’ll need a good supply of coarse salt to keep the meet ‘firm’!

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                                      Doc tells me that I should reduce my salt, but play’s hell with my cramp if I do.
                                      How do the fish get on with all that salt and sewage I guess they don’t any more!!

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                                        ‘Reddies’! is that cash or bait??

                                        Doesn’t seem to matter how many ‘reddies’ you have, still no guarantee of catching a fish.

                                        Anyway I have got some ‘Lugies’

                                        (Only yellow or black I’m afraid). LOL

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                                          I went in to my local tackle shop yesterday and asked if they had any blueys.


                                          “OK then, what about reddies?”

                                          “Nope” said the bloke with the slicked back hair and spiv ‘tache.

                                          “What about some pinkies” he said with a snigger.

                                          “Yes, I’ll try some of those”

                                          £2.50 well spent I thought, and I got thousands of them!

                                          Anyway I used them today and I’ve got to say they were a bugger to get on a 4/0.
                                          I didn’t get a bite on them, not even if I put two on.

                                          There’s supposed to be loads of cod being caught at salthouse up to 20lb and I blanked.

                                          Has anyone else had any success with pinkies?

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                                            Had an 18lb cod at Salthouse using squats but I wasn’t as tight as you Kagger, I used 3 on a hook, the larger size 4/0 hooks only resulted in being pestered by small codling to about 6lb, I found that going down to a size 18 improved the quality and size of the fish I caught.

                                            Knowing your limited casting abilities I realise you can only catch fish close in, so I will offer you a little expert advice to help you catch more.
                                            Next time you’re in your tackle shop, ask for some 5lb fluorobraid for your hook lengths, it’s almost invisible and the larger cod which have much bigger eyes to see things with cannot see it, resulting in more fish on you pinkie.

                                            One other tip, don’t stick the hook in the pointy end.

                                            Oh the lengths I go to help a T.N.B.

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                                              Going down to a size 18? The last time I saw you, you were a 20, and even in your rocky horror picture show kit you were a double bagger + 8 pints.

                                              I asked for some of that 5lb flourobraid stuff when I bought the pinkies but it was that good they couldn’t find it.

                                              You could be right about the casting distance thing. I dont seem to be able to get anough 2lb line on my mag elites. Can anyone recommend a reel that holds a bit more line?

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                                                Mag elites!!!!. What happened to the crab lines and the Harleston helicopter hurl?
                                                Talking about you casting with 2lb line, have you started using a leader yet as I’ve seen a lot of people running off the beaches, looking distinctly worried lately.

                                                8 plus, sounds about right, but sometimes a couple extra to warm up helps due to the time warp.

                                                The knack with the fluorobraid, is to take some UV glasses with you when you go to purchase it. Because of the light refraction index of the fluorobraid, it can be easily seen using the UV glasses.
                                                Another trick to spot fluorobraid, is to walk into the tackle shop and squint really hard, just mind out where you’re walking.

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                                                  Do you need a leader when casting 2lb line? I don’t use any!

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                                                    Kagger and Qwambo the new Hitler and Geobels of comedy.

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                                                      You’re probably right Iowa.

                                                      I mean, I laughed when I heard the one about Michael Barrymore getting rid of all the ashtrays in his house.

                                                      Still, at least we tried to brighten the place up a bit.

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                                                        Quambo & Kagger sorry about that it sounded funny in my head but when on here it just seems nasty, perhaps I should have written – Total Sea Fishings answer to French & Saunders….

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