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        With regards to the lost posts – Google is your friend if you know how to use it. In this instance, particulary so, as Google holds all the previous posts in a cached form (a lot of them anyway).

        Go to this url – http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=allinurl:++%22http+www+total+fishing+com+SeaForum%22&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&safe=off&as_qdr=all&start=0&sa=N&filter=0

        Now the trick here is to only clink on the little blue link at the bottom of each of the search results – where the word “Cachedâ€

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          Search engines can be great.
          I bet anything you have done online in last ten years can be found somewhere!
          Try it, put in smut meet or any other post heading in your search engine and see what you get.
          Smut meet could be interesting!! so try Selsey smut or Selsey fishing, or give it two or three days from a post heading and try the heading, most will be picked up and will be listed in the results.
          When posting a heading, try to use a key word for best results.

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            Found the Guernsey Fred re-posted

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              Strange that some searches find the TSFF link but click to the wrong thread!!

              At least they are found.
              Remember to use ‘key’ words in your post heading.
              Perhaps we should call it the ‘Smoothhound’ or ‘Shark’ meet, rather that ‘Smut’

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                If anyone has any requests for a specific thread to be found – post as much detail as you can remember about it on this thread and I’ll see if I can pull it up for you.

                Thread title – key subject words etc – even a couple of the nicks of people posting on it if you can – it all helps.

                Saw someone had re-posted most of the smut meet thread already, so I didn’t put the link on this thread – maybe if we keep links to old threads on this thread it will cause less confusion.

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                  now how the heck did that happen ?

                  come someone delete 3 of those please ? – ta

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                    Excuse me Sir, there was a thread, Or I should say Fred which had a 1000 post in it. That would be nice if you could find that fred.

                    Keywords? Nurses, Flounders, OAP’s, Clarissa, certificut and Sherpas…

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                      Don’t post the full thread again though, or we will be back to a snails pace again.

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                          try this

                          should sort anyone out who wants to find old threads

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