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    Not sure if this has been posted before………if so, I apologise.
    If you could only have ONE hook size in ONE pattern. What would it be ?
    Personally, mine would be a No1 Tubertini Series175.

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    a 16 b911

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    Tricky question this.Would it be eyed or spade to provide you with options ie banded or not,??

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    TF_back shot

    Mine to would be tubertini but the 808, great soft pellet hook for F1s.

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    Personally I find the tubertini 175 (No1) is so versatile IMO. It will take soft/hard pellet, corn, meat…Great hook.

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    Guru! Especially the LWG in spade end and eyed, don’t let the finer wire put you off these are as strong as an ox 🙂

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    Kamasan B560 great all round hook. 😎 😎 😎

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    size 16 B911

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    I’d go with the B560 as well…

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    B911’s any day, especially with the addition of their F1 hooks. I suppose you’re going to say that two choices.
    T 175’s, I keep have the fish wriggling off (perhaps that’s me !!!). And you’ll need ruddy soft elastic and a couple of spare hours to get a lump out on an 808

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    For 90% of my fishing,an 808 is the only hook i use,other occassions a B911..Gazza

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    B560. Prefer it to the B911.

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    @geepster wrote:

    B560. Prefer it to the B911.

    Thats not barbless though is it Geepster,do you squash whisker barb down on commies,or not use that pattern? Gazza

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    Some great reading but don’t forget the original question. One pattern and ONE size. Interesting (but not surprising) that Kamasan & Tubertini come out high. Its still the No1 Tubertini 175 series for me. Thanks for the responses

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    18s B911 for me

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    GALPS, let me try you with this one, would yo use the Size 18 B911 for summer fishing on the wag shallow ?….I certainly would with the No1 175 Tubertini.

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    I would mate

    size 18 eyed banded

    🙂 🙂 🙂

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    14,s gamakatsu pellet does everything

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    mustard 90340 size 17.

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