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    We can find many reasons for this . No1 is because the commercials dragged anglers away from Dismal fishing on most of our rivers . The promise of big bags of smallish carp and no long walks . You could forget your waiders . Your bait apron and sit in reasonable comfort 🙂 No boats , No flooding etc , etc . at Those that doggedly stayed with the River or as is popular the Silverfish mentality had to make do with what was left . Bank clearing that was always done by the many , was left to a few or not at all . Quality fishing in short supply the trend was to fish small matches on the best pegs that could be found . There is now a trend of matches we call , Secret Squirell ? Haven’t a clue who invented this phrase but since I came back to this scene I began to realise what was happening . As time passes I get to know who is running what and who’s got their finger on the pulse . If your face fits you can get in . Let down one of these men and your off the list . Many organisers I have spoken to recently seem content with 20/ 25 competitors and there’s also a need to accommodate pleasure anglers . Seems the days of the big opens have long gone . :rolleyes:

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    Paul I believe it’s all down to cost and greed from the tackle industry industry every time you go into the shops now there’s 10p added on something you bought about two months earlier,it’s an expensive game now and fishing against anglers that can chuck £15 of gb in cos they get it for nothing to compete against that and the returns you get is it worth trying to fish against them,Y did u decide to go to tunnel?probably cos u realised u could win spending as little as possible for higher ain’t rocket science fishing for the average working man is fished at a budget,gone are the good weekend anglers ya fishing against anglers that are trying to make a living at only have to read results same names win on a Tuesday Wednesday Friday n wkd when average joe including myself has to stand on a scaffold 5 days a week

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    to true millie I also feel that we only have the old brigade left, not many youngsters are willing to go through the learning process /school of hard knocks to learn there craft when you have to spend 2k plus for a top of the range pole and a 1k for a rive etc. and then have to compete against pro’s who are sponsored and pay very little for bait & equipment, the days of competing for the average Joe have well and truly gone, one of my mates who is sponsored was moaning about the cost and he’s a hardened match angler I think one match cost him well over £100 that was bait including blood and joker breakfast match entry diesel after pub drink etc how on earth can the average family man or low paid worker afford that? the truth is they can’t, the days of 1000 anglers fishing in a match are well and truly like the dinosaur and will never return. Originally fishing was less expensive a rod and reel some bits and bobs and a wicker basket nearly anyone for a few bob of getting set up could fish, however in these days of the highly polished professional who is fishing or preparing tackle the average Joe just is competitive against a well oiled machine.

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    Millie and Fred are mostly correct in that the sponsored anglers have the upper hand in many ways . Since I was rudely banned from using my very cheap bait I have returned to this other scene and spend more than I win . Something I ain’t used to doing . 😀 But I still enjoy the competition . However if money is tight then there are still venues and ways to reduce the bill . First
    Have breakfast at home and don’t waste 6£ . NO NEED . Then shy away from balling in venues , Loose feed maggots or castors is cheaper . Good example being Burton on Trent . 3 pints of maggots wins most maximum . Same applies to Shrewsbury , Stourport , and numerous other venues . However if you can spend without fear , you must fish the Wye at Belmont . The fish here are truly spoiled. Pair up with other anglers to share the fuel . The Rive box is a great system but I don’t possess one and didn’t need it at Tunnel . They banned my bait so that allowed these types an easier ride 😀 . Also find the wholesaler for your pellet , and groundbait needs and buy in bulk . 🙂 🙂

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    I forgot that hempseed won loads of matches recently and that can be cheap if you do your homework and buy a sack . Like everything we buy , it follows a never ending upward trend . Wages however stay still and it hurts . Like I said breakfast before , and beer afterwards is not needed . Great if you can afford it . :p :p :p You can compete with the stars , but you need to be selective . No point heading for the Stainforthunless you have England Team in your sights . Don’t forget those sponsored star men are very , very good at the game mostly . Some the sons of very , very good matchmen and gifted with easy jobs and loads of time off etc . Don’t enter where they attend simple . However when you beat them the feeling is indescribable . Still trying and Meadowlands Silverfish only attracts a few names , including me and it starts on Jan8th . The bait bill isn’t huge on here in winter . NO bloodworm and such . Not colloses of Groundbait But you gotta be a smart angler with some luck or you get your arse smacked . 😉 🙂

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    i fish club matches and opens and to be honest there is very little difference in costs,bait bills are virtually the same and the club match pools can be more expensive.i travelled 240 mile round trip 2 weeks ago to fish a club match on warren pool at meadowlands excluding peg fee we paid £20 pools plus bait plus fuel plus breakfast.near me you ha ve blundells and partridge lakes both £20 in total and a bigger payout,i went on a partridge open 4 weeks ago and they had to put extra lakes in with nearly 100 anglers booked others have said though you have to be a good angler and lucky at the draw to compete with the circuit proffesionals who fish the same waters 3 or 4 times a week they are very hard to beat off a good peg. one plus thing about partridge though is that there quite a lot of very talented anglers in the 18-30 age range.

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    This subject varies with each and every angler . The ideal situation is that you win eneough in a season to achieve Free sport . Very few have ever been able to win eneough money to sustain theirselves without sponsorship . Some have tried but most fail . Even when I was winning loads at TBF it wasn’t a weeks wages when you deducted entrance fees and fuel and indeed over the years the payout was watered down so as to deflect it into the pockets of those that , in reality won nothing ! Sometimes I would only win 10£ more than the angler who was second . Also I fished an 8 peg match and the manager was to pay TOP 3 😮 😮 😮 This was to spell the death knell and I knew my small cash machine was running out . I was correct . These days I have joined the ranks of the many and have become pools fodder . Getting back into the river or silverfish scene has proven to be much harder than I imagined . 😮 Age has caught up with me , The joints creak and the eyesight fading . However I still love it . My preparation is better than ever . My will to win still exists . My kit still works but looks a little old fashioned . Now I blame the draw bag more than ever . Can’t wait for the weekend ! 2 chub matches . Yes CHUB . 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    Cheers for the “very talented anglers in the 18-30 age range” John 😀

    Partridge Lakes probably has the biggest turnouts in the country? Weekends regularly have 80 through the winter and 40 on two midweek matches. Summer has 100+ There are two fully booked teams of four W/L in progress and the individual W/L starts in a couple of weeks with 84 booked on.

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    I am of the age where I fish the coffin Dodgers matches . Weston pools , Lingmere and Hampton Springs . £13 £12 and £11 match fees and normally pellets for bait good anglers and good fishing , matches average 25+ pegs

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    Our local canal is the stainy!!!!!before they all turned into megastars n mardy fookas ya could compete and have the crack now if they don’t win they stomp around like a spoilt brat,rather sad really!!!!! Shame there ain’t more anglers like the Phil ringers of this world class acts but know it ain’t be all n end all if they don’t win.the big matches will never come back for the simple reason they attract the anglers that fish 4/5 a week.

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    johnny you are way past the 18-30 age group 😀

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    Aside from Riverfest and team leagues, there really aren’t many decent size opens left in the midlands on natural venues. 30 pegs is a decent match and you aren’t going to get rich winning those or 5 peg sections!
    Burton last summer was the exception, hope to get on there next year. Canals up Stafford way also have healthy turnouts but it’s a bit too far for me to travel. Shrewsbury and Stourport on the same day doesn’t help – although I suspect that only 5-10 max would fish both.

    Since chub rarely feature these days, and aside from the Wye, my bait costs are relatively low – for example 2.5 pints of maggot and a pint of hemp for Shewsbury, a couple of liquidised loaves and a pint of hemp and some pinkies for the Old Nene at March. I’ll always have some worms with me, but they usually go back in the fridge this year. In the summer I’ll take 1.5 pint of casters and a pint of hemp to Avon, Trent, Thames or Gt. Ouse – along with 2 pints of maggots – but the maggots nearly always go home for turning to caster for the following weekend.
    Starve them on to the hook 🙂

    With regard to expense of tackle ….
    I haven’t fished my pole at 16m this season. So who needs a flagship (or even a long pole on most of the venues I go to)?
    I sit on an ASI box, you can pick them up for much less than £100 on ebay.
    My float rods are Shaky Excelsiors and Superteam LXL, less than £50 each on eBay.
    Reels are Mitchell matches and ABU 507s.
    Most of my whips are 25 years or older.
    I know that my tackle doesn’t stop me competing!!

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