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    Today is ‘D-Day in the Black Country’.
    West Bromwich Albion v Wolverhampton Wanderers (12.00 o’clock)
    This IS THE Black Country Derby Match, Not Villa versus Brum as the papers and Telly would have you believe.
    Proper tin hat stuff, not for the faint hearted!
    This derby is normally a nighmare, it really is. 2 Clubs 5 miles apart, with fans living in both borough’s. I’ve known neighbours, work mates, best friends and aquaintances fall out and fight over this 90 mins.
    Over the last 20 or so years it has turned into hatred, nothing more, nothing less, pure hatred.
    It fact this derby is that bad, BBC, ITV and even Sky normally do not show this match. Todays match can only be seen on the Camel channels and the like.
    I have been to liverpool v Manu and Glasgow v Celtic and they are matches that you can smell the tension in and this game is right up there.
    Both teams need the win, so that should add to the tension!
    Going to work in the morning is horrible if you loose this one – I may need a sicky!
    Any way, get this on the radio for 90 mins of blood, passion and thunder – Up The Wolves!

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    TF_Chris Owen

    A real 6 pointer Paddy.

    Come on Wolves, beating the Baggies is a real bonus.

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    villa and blues black country ?????
    im going back up to glasgow this year and know a lot of jocks through my army days and in my opinion the old firm is “more than a football match”

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