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    Got a match on there in a few weeks or so, can anybody give me the the full run down ?
    Never seen it so any details would be good
    Thanks very much

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    like the post on here nobody replies anymore i dont know the water but we have a match on harrow pool on the same complex i was hopping you would get some answers then i could ask about our match o well live in hope

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    Fished d lake a few times, standard small carp. f1 lake. has an island in the middle running along the length of the lake but not everyone has it. some pegs you can reach it with pole others you cant. in all honesty looks like stevie wonder went at it with a JCB. little method to the island works rod wise and the standard short pole with pellet and down the side. personally id go with dead maggot and GB down the side.

    Harrow is the better of the two snake lakes. averages about 16m wide with a shelf dropping to 5-6 foot. mostly f1 and small carp but there’s the odd lump too! mostly tight to the island, short with pellet… and down the side is where you can empty it. Standard pellet job and you can empty it on paste?maggots too. And also as aesthetically pleasing as susan boyle’s backside

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    Peatling pump lake has 2 islands 2 pegs apart in the middle of the lake (not 1 long island)
    Our club has had 3 matches on there in last 3 yrs, approx 45lb has won each time, however most have struggled to catch 10lb, Peggy as F…
    Infact 5 of us in a line last year best weight was 3lb 8oz
    So best of luck 😀

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    Was stocked last year with small f1s. The whole lake is solid with them now, last time I fished it was best fishing shallow with 4mm pellets. I caught at 13m then 5m shallow. Bigger carp feed shallow too. Margins with gb worms or meat works for big fish. I had over 200 fish for 110lb

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    Anymore latest info on pump lake?

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    just a quick note to say we fished harrow on sunday we did not set any records but it was an enjoyable match on not a bad lake and i would go back winner 55lb 07oz second [me] 53lb 14oz third 40lb 04oz mainly small carp and f1s but also barbel chub skimmers roach tench pongos and rudd a right mixed bag and lots of fun

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