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    I’m looking for a pellet wag rod not to expensive. Can anyone recommend one please?

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    Shakespeare 11′ Micro at around £85 is a cracking rod.

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    you must have a look at the garbolino knockout waggler rod before you spend loads of money, stunning pellet wag rod for 30 quid~clap ~clap

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    Try the Milo Power Pellet 11ft @ £64.99 it feels great, just got them in at the tackle barn, also the garbolino Rocket 10ft at £32 is another cracker.

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    Another vote for the Milo,got the 12ft,brilliant.Got the Shakey 11ft as well,quality.

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    Another vote for the Garbolino for the money they’re fantastic value

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    Got a used twice drennan 12ft series 7 carp waggler if you are interested, £40, collection only.

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    just been given a shakey 11ft micro to test, haven’t had the pleasure of landing a fish on it yet but it feels really nice and has got a great action. some people may be put off by the short handle

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    Shakey 11′ Micro enough said,

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    Another vote for the Shakey Mach 3 micro however if you prefer a longer rod the 12’6 commercial match rod is also excellent. Perfect for proper big waggler fishing and longer distances.

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    I’m looking for a 11′ so will try to find a shakey micro .
    cheers guy’s

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    The Shakeys are v good by all accounts, I’ve not used the pellet rod but have the 11ft feeder rod which is excellent. I tried to find a second hand Mach 3 to no avail due but you will often see a second hand Drennan series 7 11ft pellet rod for around £40 second hand which for money and reputation is a good deal. Other than that, you checked out new Shimano Forcemaster 11ft commercial? Fairly new out and rrp is £50.

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    @lump wrote:

    seen more and more people use a bream rod or something similar, 11 or 12 ft. you can have the float on a snap swivel and try a bomb from time to time without a lot of messing about.

    That is what I do. Cannot see the need for so many ‘specialist’ rods. I also clip up once I have the range for where the pellets are landing. Only once have I lost fish because of a fish taking more line than I could give them with the stretch in the line and the bend in the rod.

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    i bought a shaky off ebay..45 quid brand new. 11ft pellet wag..used it at viaduct…had fish to 17.5lb using .20 mainline and .17 powerline hooklength…put the reel on anti-reverse and played off the clutch…never sweated all day…awesome.

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    maker you have pm

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