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    What reel and line you using for fishing pellet waggler?

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    Mike grauvell tecklon gold is “the” line for pellet wag mainly 0.16 & 0.18 for snaggy areas or big lumps

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    0.23 for hayfield
    0.20 for lindholme
    Why what you using, have you got a problem with what your using :confused:

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    4lb 5lb and 6lb daiwa sensor

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    Tecklon gold is brilliant for that method. 016 open water or 0.18 if they are angry

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    I have been using 5 lb maxima and it has started twisting. Tried a swivel. Using a shaky mach 3 reel. Also I think that due to line dia. I am not casting as far accurately especially with lighter 5 – 6 g floats.

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    TDR with Daiwa ST in 6lb

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    most 2500/3000 reels by the main manufacturers will do the job, grauvell tecklon gold is so smooth through the rod rings and fine for its diameter/strength you will get your accuracy and cast further with lighter floats than with most other lines it really is a step change up imo for fishing the pellet wag and that’s all I use it for. Prior to this I have tried most brands and was using power steel which I still use for lead work however TG as a reel line for wag work is unreal.

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    0.20 maver genesis – really smooth, casts beautifully and strong

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    Thanks everyone. just ordered some Teklon. 😀 😀

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    Can you sink this Teklon stuff?

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    yes apparently so -as a lot of carpers use it down our way. It also seems to have a higher genuine diameter to BS so some other local blokes have told me. It was comparatively expensive – but as my local tackle shop has now sold out – just when after reading this thread i’d decided to get some for a p/wag match/venue in 2 weeks time. :rolleyes:

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    Mike you won’ be disappointed, a hell of lot f the Stafford moor top pellet wag boys use this line as well as the postal lads who were willing to sit behind some of the top rods to learn how to fish the method properly. you can cast a 3aa drake waggler with this line further than you can cast a 4 swan wag with most other brands. As for the line it don’t sink like a stone I think it’s neutral buoyancy however with feed, cast, feed, twitch ,feed, recast do you want a line that sinks like maxima? your choice , I think TG allows you to bring a bit of finesse to the method, as said superb line

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    Cheers Fred. Just trying to find a decent P/Wag reel now. 🙂

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    Currently looking at Daiwa Whisker 3012 or the Browning Xitan Master Match FD 930 or the Preston PXR Pro 3000.

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    Two observations using the Grauvels teclon gold, one, do not overload your line spool, it is very prone to tangling behind the spool and spinning up. I had a mare yesterday on one rod whilst the back up was fine on identical gear. I observed that one spool was marginally loaded higher than the other and I mean marginal. I also noticed if you let the line slacken tip rap overs frequently occur, once more the line seems prone to spinning up.
    I was on the Glebe Uglies and the fish were absolute brutes so the gear was rigorously tested. Casting wise its very good and robust too, it can certainly take some stick.
    I am wondering if its the clutch on the reel causing spin ups as I have had it before on the bomb rod on different line. I simply cant fish using backwind like I used to so rely heavily on the clutch so am often changing line every couple of sessions.
    My set up comprises shaky 11 foot pellet wag rod, daiwa tdr 3012 reel 018 teclon line.

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    Seems strange, John was the wind blowing in to you for the line going behind the spool and tangling? Out of interest what reels are you using John as I use some cheap Daiwa procaster 3000 reels loaded with a bit of backing (as they don’t have a shallow spool) and havern’t had any problems with the line going behind the spool or twisting up and I use the clutch

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    Hi Fred wind was light and from my left. As I posted two identical set ups one was fine one kept spinning up going behind line spool on reel!,,
    Both set ups the same tdr 3012 reels too.
    I have re spooled up the one that gave me problems and will test tomorrow. Line is great but temperamental if set up is not right, if I had not had the back up this line would have been binned, just illustrates how lone anglers can sometimes go off at tangents!
    The fish I. was catching averaged 10 plus and the commons especially put up a great fight so not your typical carp so some work to do. I will feedback how I get on I am going back tomorrow.
    One other possibility is I loaded up from spool in the wrong direction so have noted tonight which way.

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    No dramas today but problem was reel!,,
    I had line behind spool early and noticed a clip was not seated properly !
    It’s a brand new 3012 with the quick clutch release , once clip was put in place problem did not re occur.

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