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    How do u prepare them to use on method feeder? Do u soak pellets then mixing groundbait and mix it together or there is different way? Regards Dom

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    Soak the pellets separate – adding them dry to your groundbait will dry the crumb out as they soak up moisture from it. Without wanting to teach anyone to suck eggs one minute soak per mm size of pellet (2 min for 2mm), and then leave for 20-30 min.

    Personally I keep the bulk of my soaked pellets and groundbait apart and mix in smallish quantities as I use it, which allows me to easily alter the ratio according to the reaction in the swim. Sometimes you’ll find a change in the ratio of the two can spark an extra run of fish when things seem to be quietening down, where as some days more or less pellets/crumb is better. If you mix the whole lot together at the start you can’t change it!

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    Cheers lads

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