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    I’ve just received the latest News Reel from WA and plastered all over the back is an advert about booking direct through WA and the benefits of doing so, which also includes save 23% off your fishing permit. So how much is a weeks pleasure permit direct from WA and how much am I going to have to pay when I’m down there in a private van in a couple of weeks?

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    I was charged full price on the park which was £30 per week

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    sounds about right for parkdeans … I notice that you can no longer win a free holiday unless your in a Parkdeans van, I assume you can still enter the winners week festival?? are the pools the same for parkdeans residents and private hires? .. roll on the day Parkdeans move out of the place! they’ve almost bled it dry.

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    £30!……£30!…..Am i the only one on here
    that thinks this is a bargin?£30 for a weeks
    fishing at one of the UK’s best venues.Ive
    never been there,but it sounds great to me?

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    30 quid is fair enough. It is a business at the end of the day.

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    I actually think it’s a fair price, i’ve not been down since last year but they’ve refurbished the place and they’ve also done some work on the fishery. I’ve been told it looks nice!

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    Having paid approx £23 for the past 10+yrs, this year they say that using a private caravan *that they sold* now means they charge more for the fishing ticket and you can no longer win the holiday (i guess you can fish the winners week but pay for your own accomodation), they tried to charge me £70 extra to fish a festival last year cos I was gonna use a private van, the fisheries great, it’s Parkdeans that’s turning it into a Ryanair style of holiday park

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    I dont think the others get what you are trying to say….

    I understand and agree……….


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    £30 is peanuts considering how good the fishing is. whatever you want to catch you can, be it silvers, carp etc.
    They do a lot of work to maintain the fishery, in fact all the facilities are excellent

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    Opps what happened there?
    I book through W/A and get a discount on the fishing cost. If you book through a private owner you dont get any discount. This seems fair given that W/A do not make any money out of you on your booking. The owners as I understand it are allowed to fish only a limited number of matches, they cant for example camp down there all summer and fish the lot as Harry Billing used to a fews year back. This also seems fair enough.
    However I did not realise that in the event you win the match and you stay in a private van you do not win the free holiday, this seems a step too far. I would argue you have paid full cost to fish and full cost to join the match and therefore should get the free holiday.
    I have always thought the payouts were poor and that money was kept back to fund free holidays and the £25k masters final payout.
    This is not publicised by W/A understandably as its their business and if you dont like it dont go.

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    TF_Admin Girl

    If you win the match and are staying in a private van you still win entry into winners week and can have a weeks hoilday for just £75 or you can ask the owner if you can stay in their van for a week free of charge.

    I can assure you that NO monies are kept back to fund free holidays or the Parkdean Masters.

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    Kirsty, I was not making any accusation, merely reflecting an opinion.
    Just to clarify a point, if the match winner is in a private van does the free holiday go to the next angler who is in a W/A van?

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    TF_Admin Girl

    No the holiday doesn’t default to anyone regardless of their accommodation.

    The invite to winners week and the free/£75 holiday is just for the match winner, the only time it will default is if the winner has already won a match in the same year. But the invite to the Preston Festival does not default at any time this invite is only for match winners.

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    Thanks Kirsty understood.

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    Kirsty if you buy a caravan can you only fish a limited amount of match’s, is that true??

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    TF_Admin Girl

    Yes if you own a van you can only fish 16 matches a year (8 gold/silver and 8 rovers) This is because we didn’t want any prolific match anglers to buy just to fish the matches each week and then to put off all the other holidays makers becuse the same people were winning the matches each week. Hope this makes sense?

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    Ok thanks Kirsty.

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