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    as in the title.
    been let down by a load of mates so potentialy got 5 places on the malaki from Northney marina. tope and smoothhound unless something else seems better! rods can be supplied in the cost, bait other than mackrel is extra and skpper charges £3 for lost rigs ect
    cost is £40 per head.
    contact through here or [email protected]

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    cheers ada! really helping me get rid of these spots!

    you dont fancy a day out making me look crap then!

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    your right you know! if i can get 10 then it goes down to £30per head then those that need rods ect can pay the extra, i intend to supply our own bait too to keep the costs down a little.
    i got six now so another 2 at least would be nice!

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    What do you intend to use for bait? I just got back in after a day on the Starfish; initially the skipper bought a large box of squid as bait but ended up not charging us for it as it wasn’t touched.

    Fresh mackerel fillets (feathered for free the minute we dropped anchor) the order of the day pulling in doggies, conger, and a large undulated ray, with the rest of the smoothound brought in on hardbacks (which the skipper Dave brought in on his own pots he laid in Langstone).

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    I was wondering when you’d pop that remark on here…heheh

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    still got 4 places. cost goes down to 35 including tackle ect if we get a full boat.

    was gonna feather some mackrel and dget some squid locally, was toying with crab and some worm but not sure yet

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    Sadly Pizza and I are going to the chilli Festival at Eastdean Gardens, Promises a Japanese Flag in the underpants apparently, will report on the 12th.

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