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    “going boat fishing for plaice next Monday and lug might be in short supply.
    Are there any decent alternatives, will rag be any good ???

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    Which boat are you on?

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    Offhand, I can’t remember the name.
    Apparently, the skipper is some big ugly geezer who rides a harley

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    You really should have picked one that drives a boat!!!!!

    Almost certain to sink!

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    Dick lad, you’ve gone very quiet.

    Chaps, it’s not a trick question, is there an alternative to lugworm for plaice ???

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    Rag, crab or ask blue Shaun.

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    Cheers Greenman.
    U R A gent

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    Fresh mussel would be another option.

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    That’s great, cheers guys

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    Dont forget your ear plugs

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    Don’t worry !!
    If I lose the toss and end up next to the skipper, I’ll talk all day about me stamp collection and he won’t get a word in edgeways.

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    Wrong skipper the Harley one is at Langstone

    All I am taking is Rag and Squid but I have been told that Black Lug works as well

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    OOPS !!!

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    Anyway, it was phish’s fault.
    He gave me a bum steer

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    You R the one who mentioned the Harley

    Any way I’ve got good news and bad news.

    I’ve agreed with the skipper that he is to supply the bait £.75 / head which we will pay for whether we go or not.

    On the down side its 6am on the boat so no cafe.

    Oven will be on for pies etc.

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    Sorry meant £3.75 / head £75 would have meant we would have sent Dick to Scotland for Blueys

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    Will we get a maggot each for that ??

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    Only if you leave the top off your lunch box

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    Sounds like Dick will have them new bait wonders (can’t remember what they is called) gissa repoprt after eh!…

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    I did manage to get some from Deal and tried them on the pier there but could not catch on them whether that is because the condition were wrong (spring tides) or because I am not a Super angler (for a Super bait)
    All I had at Deal was Pout on Rag worm and I lost 6 sets of tackle because of the strength of the tide.
    As the bait is so soft I will try it on the boat next time I go out but I cannot see myself paying £3.50 per pack for any more

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    Wow, the first honest test.
    Rather than words!

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    With regards to your last post Ada, I agree but it cuts both ways, Shorn has cited Worms against Sauris for various in Iceland Mr. Fettish (who is he?) has quoted examples of crab against Sauries for catching Thornies. This weekend I am going to try Sauris against
    Mackies fresh and frozen, and frozen sandeels, float and bottom fished.
    I will the try bottom fished whole & Flappered at night, I will log every catch and present the results here with no slant or bias, and you may all view the data and make your own conclusions.
    Thsssit! End of! Ave it!

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