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    TF_chris bell

    Hi guys, fairly new to the joys of Pole fishing, going to new venue Saturday, rules are no ground bait, or nuts, otherr than maggots what could I use as an bait to fish over

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    Pellets matey. Just check if you have to buy there’s or if you can use your own.

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    TF_chris bell

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    You don’t mention the waters you are fishing and target fish.
    For carp this time of year pellets take some beating as posted above.
    As a catch all worm and caster take some beating if there are fish there in numbers and variety.
    You can use the soil from the worms to bind small balls of feed or simply feed it loose. A small pole cup is a useful addition to keep feed tight.
    Be prepared to fish much shallower than the water depth as fish will not want to stay down unless the weather suddenly cools.
    Even in the edge in 2 foot of water you may have to fish half that depth.
    The addition of a small tin of corn into your feed gives you an option of a bait change if they wise up.
    One final tip, you can buy a red additive in a bottle called predator plus and a squirt of this into your pole cup clouds up the water and draws fish in especially if they are shallow, over chop worm it can be deadly.

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