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    In a recent Pole Fishing Magazine article (Steve Hemingray’s inside the box) a Drennan sponsored angler sings the praises of the classic Drennan Carbon Roach pole float for fishing caster on the drop in commercials and hemp on the river. A pattern used and loved by many and now discontinued.
    How much influence does the “big sponsored name” in angling have on the commercial decisions of these large tackle companies? If a favorite float pattern cannot be retained, what chance input to rod reel and pole design?
    Here Will, have a waggle with this new pole, we’ll use your name next to the SSP of four thousand pounds and by the way, keep the sample. No disrespect to Will Raison, most certainly one of the UK’s best. But mighty fine marketing.
    Do you buy Daiwa because Steve R and Will use Daiwa, or Drennan because Steve H and Alan use Drennan. Are we really that easily influenced as consumers?
    Back to the Drennan Roach pole float. I have used this pattern for as many years as I can remember, not because I saw it in Hemingray’s tackle box, but because it was a truly fabulous float. No doubt Steve will be supplied with a batch of a replacement pattern to use in an up and coming article and I will rush out to buy a dozen.

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    Obviously anglers who are consultants will have input regarding tackle.such as could you possibly change this or that in terms of strength,rigidity.but very few actually have any design input from the start,unless it is a signature pattern they have designed themselves.most just recieve prototypes and samples to test.names do help sell tackle,that is a fact.but this is no different to any marketing.
    i personally buy tackle by my own decision,and not just because a top angler uses it.but still choose reliable brands.

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    Messers Ringer, Raison, Hemmingray and Scotthorne won’t put their name to rubbish so that’s why companies use their input to develop and test tackle because they are at the top of their game. Yes they do get free tackle but so do stars in other sports its part and parcel of sponsorship.

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    guys you have to remember that most tackle is tested and developed in advance maybe as much as 2 years espically where poles are concerned
    and that goes for bait also such as groundbait etc

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    The pattern of float you mention seems to be piled high in my area and shops can’t sell them . Drennan would be fairly daft to religiously stick to a pattern that doesn’t move off the shelf . Frustrating as it is I know . Making pole floats is a fiddley process and keeping them sub 2£ requires specialised mass production . Notice the spring type eye on the bristle of some floats. Great for carp hauling , but IMO rubbish for a sensitve slimm type float . The manufacturers need to make stuff that sells to the masses and when they only target top matchmen their sales drop . look at the poles Drennan do . Only recently even bothering to sell a pole . 1st is top of the range and 2,700£ 😮 Didn’t take long to slip in that Carp model ! At 1500£. More in the pocket of the alrounder . How long for a reel that’s engineered to a standard of old . The designers at Drennan know full well it’s needed , Question , is the market going to give them a return on a 200£ plus reel . 😉

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