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    Any body got one?
    Any body used one?
    What is it like at 13m, 14.5m and 16m?
    Are spares easily sourced?
    I am not really interested in comparisons with other poles, just honest opinions of this pole itself.
    I am going to try and get my hands on one in Birmingham on Saturday, as personal preferance is a massive issue in my mind when purchasing a pole, but to get a bit of “real” feed back of people who may have one would be great – that’s good and bad feed back alike.
    Ta, Pad. :confused:

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    I have one, about 6 months now.
    I brought it because I have used Preston (Lerc) poles for a long time and obviously all the top 4’s are compatable (GIS). Bonus was that all the other sections from my last pole also fit up to 13m, obviously use the same mandril.
    Pole is very stiff up to 14.5m when using both match and power kits. At 16m it is still good but they all sag a bit at that length no matter what anyone says :rolleyes: .
    I use it for bagging (well what I call bagging anyway) and on the rivers and canals 🙂
    Spares have never been a problem with Preston, I have broken a couple of sections and had replacements inside 5 days.
    For the price and package i think it is damn good value

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    I’ve had one for 18months now and would second everything that JWB has said. Biggest carp I’ve had is about 15lb and I use drennen bungie 20 with no probs.

    For the money couldn’t fault it.

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    Jwb – Cheers for the opinion – you say it goes over a bit at 16m, do you think it is fishable and not to heavy at that length? What of deal did you get on it and where from? If these questions aint to nosey!
    Orex – Thanks matey.

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    100% fishable at 16m. What I meant is that at 14.5m it is poker straight but at 16m it is not.
    I have fished mine at 16m for duration of a 6 hour match in the wind and survived (just a sore back). I even fish mine at 17.5m with a section up the end and it is still fishable.
    I got mine from Fat Phils tackle shop in Oxford but you can get a decent enough deal at any Preston stockists, with 8-9 tops around £1499

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    Nice one fella.
    I’ve been over to Brum and got my grubby mits on it!
    Yeh i’m happy with that and the deal is good like you say – 3 Match top 3’s and 5 power top 2’s.
    So I’ve made up my mind, i’m having one and should pick it up tommorow.
    Thanks for your opinion and advise.

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