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    has anyone had any probs with preston hollow elastic, my mates elastichangs out of his pole so he has cut it back abit and abit more but to find that theres no elastic left in it. does anyone know of a solution for this, he has lubricated his topkits and the elastic is only about 6mths old.

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    Nnothin wrong with the.elastic mate it’s The cold weather when it warms up the elastic will go normal if he has cut it.back it will prob be to tight

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    As SuperG10 said its definitely the cold.

    My power kits have been stored up all winter and when I got them out the other day all of the hollows were around 6 inches too long.

    I poured some hot water down the sections and they all retracted perfectly

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    I keep my hollow elastic top kits in the house the night before I intend to use them, this keeps the elastic supple.

    As SuperG10 said hollows loose their elasticity in cold weather, don’t be tempted to cut back as chances are remaining elastic will be over tightened.

    In my experience this effects all hollow elastics and not just Preston.

    I tend to use solid elastics in real cold weather which don’t seem to be as effected by the cold.

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    Is this the same for the Preston Fluoro elastic??

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    I’ve stopped using lube on heavier elastics – I’ve found it just makes the inside of the top kit sticky and does more harm than good. I would take the elastic out, flush the top kits through thoroughly with warm water and dry them in the airing cupboard. When you elasticate the top kit, make sure you give the new elastic a really good stretch before you put it in. I loop it round a metal post in my garden and wall away for several metres. This avoids the problem of elastic drooping out after your first decent carp. I really like the Preston Hollo elastic and I just wet it before fishing and this seems to lubricate it ok.

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