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    Hi all,

    Can anyone on here give me an honest assessment of this pole please. I’ve yet to have a look at one myself, so some early feedback would be nice.

    I’ve heard a lot about the M90 but that one is out of my price range. There is probably a few poles better out there for that price but I have a one xs at the moment and the kits and N4’s fit these poles and the fact my pole is a bit worn now, I wouldn’t expect to get much for it.

    Any advice or feedback will be much appreciated.

    Thank you

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    nice pole but dont think theres a lot of difference between the m50 and thats £500 cheaper,, m90 loads better but it is a lot dearer so should be, if it was me i would go for the m50, a few of my pals own them and they rave about them.

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    sory to highjack but how do u rate the m90 over the tricast pro 2 gaz 🙂

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    the new preston poles do look very nice

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    let me know when you want to sell your xs cheers

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    hi tench the trilogy pro2 poles nice i owned 1 but fairly old pole now the m90 1 of best poles around imo , not seen the new tricast but that would prob be a better comparison.

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    thanks gaz ill check that out when i get to fosters 🙂

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