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      hey the thread has gone on my back leg on my onbox any one had the same problem? and if so how did u fix it

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      Not had one go just yet but I’m sure if you contact Preston they’ll sort it out for you.

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      My local shop gets FOC corner blocks from Preston, they are a doddle to fit, just one pop-rivet to drill out & replace! literally a 2 minute job!

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      Dave who

      my box legs have all gone and broke,ive settled the problem by purchasing a RIVE…

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      Why do the threads on these boxes just go? not had a problem with mine yet…

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      TF_double red

      contact preston they sent me out 6 new corner blocks foc easy 2 fit as carpicus said

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      Col W

      I had one go a while back anf fixed mine by unscrewing the star knob thing and then cutting back the plastic on the corner block a little where the female section is. That gave me a little room to insert some super glue.

      It’s not moved since, but it’s useful to know about the FOC blocks being sold seperately.

      Only thing is the rivet replacement.

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