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    Zebco buys UK tackle giant.
    Preston Innovations, one of the UK’s leading pole fishing brands has been acquired by tackle giant, Zebco, parent company of pole tackle brand, Browning.

    Preston Innovations is one of the UK’s leading match fishing brands as well as having a growing presence in the coarse, carp and bait segments of the market with its brands Korum, Avid Carp and Sonubaits.

    David Preston, founder and owner of Preston Innovations, commented, “I am extremely proud of the business we have built, but felt we had reached a size and complexity which were better suited to a new owner who could exploit the clear growth potential of Preston Innovations in Europe and beyond. Zebco Brands is a strong international player which has a desire to expand the business in the UK and Europe and which has access to the capital to realize the potential in the business.”

    Jeff Pontius, President of Zebco Brand’s worldwide business said, “I am pleased that David chose us to continue building the Preston Innovations brands. We have been looking to expand in Europe, and in particular have been looking for a premier player in the match and carp segments. We see enough size and diversity in the European market place to allow Preston Innovations and Zebco Europe to both continue growing. They are generally complementary with different brands and geographic strengths. The team at Preston Innovations has a lot of passion for building their brands and we will be there to support that growth.”

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    good luck to both parties involved i hope it all goes well

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    Preston innovations has already started producing terminal tackle identical to ones Browning brought out a year or two ago.the double feed pole cup being a prime example.

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    thats is true but the market place is super competitive and most brands copy each other
    i for 1 is a massive fan of sonu groundbait

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    Who cares

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    I should imagine alot of the fishing fraternity.

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    Preston Innovations have needed to be taken over for a good while. Innovation was chucked in the bin along with quality the day they started getting their products made in China I used to use lots of their stuff. Dont think i,ve got anything produced by Preston Innovations anymore. Lets hope the new company bring in some anglers/designers who can think outside of the box and aim to improve the quality of the products.

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    i have loads of there stuff espically the method feeders

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    If the 2 main problems with Preston,which are lack of quality control/field testing before arriving on the shelves,and poor customer service can be addressed,there should be no major hiccups

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    well if browning customer service is anything to go by then it shoul;d be excellent

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