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        need website for such-map red insert/type wheels as took into only last remaining cycle shop and told they had none that would fit.offered ‘slime’ as solution but would rather have stronger ones-any website or online store somebody can recommend ?

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          Why not just get one of the aerosol flat tyre puncture kit for cars.
          Once you have filled your tyres with the foam they never go down again.

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          TF_nick t

            If its a Boss trolley you can buy inner tubes directly from them


            However, I would definitely fill the inner tube with Slime or something similar. No matter how strong the inner tube is you are likely to get a puncture when using it on fishing trolleys because of the type of terrain we take them over. Slime was developed specifically for off road bikes.

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              cheers lads WILLY 1975 has put me right on where to get a decent inner tube and nick t appreciate the info. on slime -will get some.

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                Boss also do a liner that fits between the tyre & tube, but be careful as when it gets old it will split & any slight deflation of the tube causes the liner to pinch the tube.
                The fox trolley has solid tyres which you may be able to modify, if not golf trolleys use similar wheels.
                I got mine from Halfords bike department.

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                TF_One Out of the Frame

                  I’m sure that screwfix direct do the wheels and inner tubes as they are used on some sack trucks etc.

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                  TF_One Out of the Frame
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