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    Do you think its possible to convert standard top kits into a pulla elastic system?

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    Col W

    Sounds a bit risky alan, but it may be possible.

    Have you tried the Preston pull bungs, or their equivalent?

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    Andy Dare and Adam wakelin,whilst perfecting the design of the pulla kit,tried various methods,including collars and strengthened sections,it proved that just drilling a hole and inserting an internal bush then aralditing it in place was more than adequate,in fact Andy told me that he has kits done in this way that have served him for over two years perfectly.
    It would appear that the strengthened section found on preston pulla kits in production is there mainly for the feeling of security rather than necessity.
    I think as long as the hole is drilled carefully and well sealed with araldite there should’nt be any problems.
    I hope this is of assistance.

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    i would think it depends on the quality of carbon in your top kits,personally i fitted a couple of preston pull bungs and have been trying them the last couple of days so far so good but it takes some getting used too

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    Not sure if it was same thing but one of the anglers on fishomania seemed to have the pulla kit coming from the end of the pole rather than the side(may have been winner)

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    I think it was Will Raison and I believe he was using a milo pull bung.


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    TF_Baz the Beast

    It was Will and he was useing the Diawa pull bungs,

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    Dave who


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    pulla bungs! great piece of kit when using hydro.

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    No disrespect to anyone who uses pull bungs but look how easy it looked for Neil Machin to land his fish in last years fisho.

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    Jeff- Point taken.

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    TF_Baz the Beast

    Gizmoes and Gadgets,
    Better at catching anglers than fish.

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    Yes but wasn’t Neil using 18-20 elastic?

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    Thats what i am saying graz.There are times when you can fish the right elastic and there are times when a pull bung system is right.Everyone to there own mate.

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    True, I know I would have been on red hydro set loose down there. I think Clive was using 15h and a lighter elastic on a pull bung. I didn’t really see the point of using either, it took him an age to land any of his fish .

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    dont matter how long it took him to land em mate, he won the match and is 27.5k better off.

    I for one can’t fault him!

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    did you fish weston tuesday alan

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    fluff-yes I fished the rover today. 16 anglers, I drew 12th. Most of the good pegs had gone when it was my turn. Decided to go on bottom pool peg4 To practice my paste fishing. After a slow start (3 fish in first hour) I caught steady finishing with 47 carp for 50lb 12oz & 2nd. Winner was peg 18 on bottom with 52lb. Average for match was around 40lb. Good fishing but you had to work at it.

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    surly the pully bungs are ment to be used for when fishing for smaller fish with the possibility of connecting onto a lump

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    i fished it too was 3rd of peg 4 top pool had too many small stockies the fish had moved down the island too the right of peg 5 behind the areator out of reach in the shade of the willow tree.now i know who you are will have to speak next time.lol

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    fluff-I know you now, will have a good natter next time.
    I wont be there for a few weeks due to working shifts.

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    wouldn’t want to drill a hole in one of my top kits without it being strengthened in some way first!

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    My mate drilled holes his top kits to convert them to pull bungs things. It cost him the match! Luckily his top kits then all fitted nicely into a carrier bag so he could take them all away with him. Play fish properly.


    Spot on mate! As long as they go in the net thats all that matters. If you have to play them then take your time and do it properly!

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    TF_Chum Mixer

    I personally think the problem is in the angler and the technique in which they play fish ??

    Why does everone have to rush ?? Weve all heard many times the ones in the net are the only ones that count and by taking a little more time ensures that all are landed.

    How many times have you guys landed large fish that don’t know there hooked only for them to wake-up in the landing net.

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    Corndawg moderator

    “wouldn’t want to drill a hole in one of my top kits without it being strengthened in some way first!”


    Any repair you do,could very easily be drilled,and bushed,without fear of it going snap………….. LOL.

    If there was ever a quick plug for a great job,that is it……


    I finally got to watch the fisho final last night,and I saw at least 3 anglers using them bungs.

    I for one,agree with you and Giles.

    As I remember,when they brought out hydro/hollow laccy,it was so the fish didn’t bottom out as fast,and that the hydro/hollow,had a controlled stretch,to tame the long runs fish made.

    Not they use these bungs,to stop the fish taking more laccy,and toland them quicker…

    Why not just go back to using solids if that’s what you want ?..

    I will stick to normal bungs,and play the fish out thanks…….

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    lol cd

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    I agree, there good for when you hook a unexpected lump.
    But If you fishing big enough line and hook to handle tightening the elastic, you could have a heavier elatic in the first place!

    I do have a bung extractor in my side draw, for the rare occation i need to use it.

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    Thanks chaps, all interesting opinions. Drilling my tops is not something I would do. The tread was posted following a comment made after a recent match. Working on your technique will land you more fish.
    As the maestro (Jeff) says “each to there own”.

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